Can the Lifemiles e-Store be trusted? A history of a shopping mall deal

Posted on January 18, 2013 by in Lifemiles

Can the Lifemiles e-Store be trusted? A history of a shopping mall deal

Lifemiles e-Store 250 bonus miles offer

Back in October 2012 the Lifemiles e-Store offered a deal that promised 250 bonus miles per transaction.

I learned about it from View from the Wing. However the deal was advertised widely on the Lifemiles website and a number of Flyertalkers took part.

I made a number of purchases on Oct 13th and Oct 14th for various items that I'd need anyways. I did split these purchases in various transactions to increase the amount of bonus points earned. The total amount of miles would be >65k miles for me! actually send each order in one package. So for several days a good chunk of the UPS truck was filled just with my orders. This gave us fireplace kindling for the rest of winter (hey even CA got cold this year).

The e-Store mentions a regular posting time of 50 days for purchases and most transactions showed up as 'pending' within days. So far so good. November and December went by and just 10 purchases posted to my Lifemiles account. One bonus showed up as well but never posted to my Lifemiles account. In total I just received 43 miles so far.

So I sent an inquiry off to Lifemiles e-Store (which is run by Incentive Networks) in early December. So did several other FTers. 6 weeks have passed and no response at all. I did not even receive an email that someone is looking into it. My attempts to reach someone through Twitter were equally unsuccessful.

Now all those shopping mall deals are fraught with risk and I was well aware of that when doing the shopping. But there were no exclusions from the 250 miles bonus and in the subsequent days the Lifemiles e-Store first modified and then rescinded the offer. This indicated to me that they were aware of the promotion and monitored it actively.

The Lifemiles e-Store has offered a consideration (250 miles) for consumers to enter into an agreement with It's also no 'fat finger' mistake – the online mall wanted to offer 250 miles not 25 or 2500 miles per purchase.

So I'm calling on Lifemiles e-Store and Incentive Networks to wake up and stick to it's agreement.

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