521 miles for free (many times over!) from Netflix

Posted on January 20, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Netflix has been a constant marketer in most mileage shopping malls. During the last years they've always a mileage deal somewhere for AA/Delta/United miles. You would usually pay $7.99 for 1,500 or with the United deal even 4,000 miles.

This worked for everyone who could come up with a US billing address and server IP as many times as you could provide a new credit card. For many this was a golden goose worth hundreds of thousands of miles. Netflix marketing department was initially not worried as long as 'normal' signups would come through but seemingly the mileage 'enthusiasts' beat them by far.

In the last 2 months they have stopped all mileage incentives for a membership. All? Not all – Netflix is still alive in the HawaiianMiles online eMarket.

Now the beauty of this offer is it's free – it is a free trial! When you sign up Netflix authorizes your card for $7.99 but the charge will not go through. You are free to cancel after a week or so. Your card will only be charged after one month.

Miles have always posted for me though posting depends varied from 4 days to 20 days.

Remember you can only use one credit card (this can be a prepaid card) once for Netflix though.

Please share your experience – did it work for you?

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