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At Mighty Travels we strive to show you a new world out there. A world that can be discovered in an affordable, safe, luxurious, exciting and unique way. We believe travel should be a lifetime source of enjoyment.

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About Torsten J

Travel has been my lifelong passion. Mighty Travels is a chronicle of my personal adventures but it’s also become a unique source of travel deals.

Lately urban environments and beautiful islands have made me travel. I’m also actively trying to see more new countries and places I haven’t been before.

About Selina H.

Selina is a travel addict who caught the bug at an early age. She spent her formative years in Scotland and England and her teenage years living in the tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea. Teaching English in South Korea for a time helped to fuel the fire of solo travel.


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More pictures

Many pictures don’t make it to the blog but it’s pictures that often make a destination come alive. All my pictures are sorted by countries (and some by airlines) can be found here.