Review: ANA Business Lounge an Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)

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No I did NOT go into the First Class lounge but it's next door

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ANA seems really proud of their Skytrax ranking

Before my flight to San Jose, CA last week I also visited the extensive 'grounds' of the ANA lounge at Narita airport.

The lounge is located near gate 52 – right on top of the Gate for the 787 flights to San Jose and Seattle (there is no boarding through the lounge though).


Food offerings are sparse and given the deliciousness of Japanese food a letdown. I strongly recommend to walk out to Gate 32 and get some good Sushi for ok prices there.

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There are a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic soft drinks available incl. hot and cold sake.

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Lots of seating in the lounge that is also very comfortable. The lounge gets crowded at times though there are probably 350+ seats.

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There is an automated (!) currency exchange station in the lounge saving you the trip to the exchange office (which there are plenty at the ANA/Star Alliance terminal).

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Many power outlets and rather fast Internet keep the traveler entertained. The speed was 1 Mbps or better for me at all times. It's noteworthy that the free wifi that Narita airport offers is much faster though.

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The best part of the lounge is the spa with meticulously clean and well working showers. The shower rooms are located outside the lounge – just when you come you come up from the escalators.

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In sum

It's an ok lounge – nothing really wrong but it does not shine or provide the feeling of exclusivity. It would be great to get fresh food as well

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