Airfare deal – Toronto (YYZ) to Helsinki (HEL) $507


Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines have a fare from Toronto (YYZ) to Helsinki (HEL) for $507 return.


$4 fares Manila – Dubai are bookable and widely available!


So it turns out the 'mistake fare' from Manila to Dubai we posted about yesterday is part of a promotion that Cebu Pacific has launched. Hell of a promotion, if you ask me! It does not get any cheaper!


Airfare Deal – A Transcon New York to San Francisco $252


It seems the good old days of $250 transcons are back!

Sun Country has a fare from JFK to SFO (sample dates Mar 2 -5) that allows you to see the West Coast for just about 5 cents per mile.


Airfare Deal – New York (JFK) to Moscow $414


If you need to go to Moscow this year, things are looking up for you. It's not just prices in Moscow that have suddenly become affordable; flights are also really cheap.


Trip Delay and Trip Cancellation Insurance from Travelex


Trip Delay and Trip Cancellation insurance is something we all want, but it's not easy to find out what you actually get for what you pay for.

We previously wrote that Berkshire offers insurance for certain revenue tickets (booked together).

However, many of these itineraries (often on one carrier) are so simple that I would not bother with additional insurance and just take the risk.

Chase includes a (generous) trip delay insurance with the Chase credit card which we detailed here.

But if you have more complex itineraries (that Berkshire wont cover) or if you book tickets on a risky airline, how can you get more insurance?

Enter Travelex. The company is a leading provider of travel insurance in North America and internationally, with more than 55 years in the industry.


We take a look at Travelex and their main travel insurance plans, to see if their products are worth writing home about.


Reloadable Target REDcard (REDbird) coming to California?


I scoured the local Target markets in the Bay Area last weekend as I had heard rumors of the reloadable Target REDcard coming to California soon. The card is a great tool for 'manufactured spending' and I'd love to have one!

The first store I inquired with in Mountain View told me that the San Francisco City Targets have the cards available – 'for sure' – and that I should look there. I went to the City Target at the Metreon and was told that they don't have it but the City Target at Masonic and Geary had it 'for sure'…

The trouble with this card is that it's new and seems very similar to existing gift cards or the Target credit card, so it is hard to describe without showing people the picture on my iPhone.

Of course the City Target at Masonic told me that they can only recharge the cards but they never sold them since the City of San Francisco does not allow them (yet).

They mentioned that customers who had the card got it in Serramonte and Colma, two San Francisco suburbs. So I thought I'd try my luck there, but none of the store attendants had ever heard of the card – so far.

So I guess this is a reason for a manufactured spending run to Tucson? You can see the stores that have the cards available (mostly the Eastern US) here.


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