Best Ways to Use 100,000 Lufthansa Miles And More Miles for Business Class Travel

Post Published May 13, 2024

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With 100,000 Lufthansa Miles and More miles in your account, you're well on your way to enjoying some of the most luxurious and efficient business class travel experiences available today. Lufthansa's Miles and More program offers a range of redemption options, but to maximize value, focusing on business class travel can provide some of the most memorable and comfortable journeys across the globe.

Lufthansa's own flights and those of its Star Alliance partners present numerous opportunities to use your miles effectively. However, travelers need to be mindful of fuel surcharges, which can significantly affect the overall cost of a ticket. Lufthansa and several other carriers in the Miles and More program tend to impose high fuel surcharges, but there are strategies to minimize these additional costs.

One of the best uses of your Miles and More miles is for flights on Lufthansa itself, especially on their flagship routes to and from Frankfurt and Munich. Business class on Lufthansa offers an exceptional experience with lie-flat beds, gourmet dining, and premium lounges. For example, flying from the US to Europe typically requires 52,000 miles one-way for business class travel. This means your 100,000 miles can cover a round-trip business class ticket from major American gateways like New York or Chicago to cities such as Frankfurt or Munich. However, be prepared for fuel surcharges that can range from $500 to $1,000 for transatlantic flights.

If you're looking to avoid or reduce these surcharges, consider booking flights on Lufthansa's partner airlines within the Star Alliance network. United Airlines, a key Lufthansa partner, does not impose any fuel surcharges on award bookings. Using your miles for business class flights on United can be incredibly cost-effective. For instance, a one-way business class flight from the US to Europe on United would also cost around 52,000 miles, similar to Lufthansa, but without the hefty surcharges.

Another excellent partner for redemption is LOT Polish Airlines, which offers a modern business class product and significantly lower fuel surcharges than Lufthansa. A business class ticket from the US to cities like Warsaw or beyond in Europe can cost around 52,000 miles one-way with surcharges typically less than $200, making it a more economical option for your miles.

For those looking to travel further afield, the Miles and More program shines with options to Asia and Africa. For example, business class flights with Lufthansa or Swiss International Air Lines from Europe to East Asia are a great value at around 70,000 miles one-way. Swiss, in particular, is known for its excellent business class service and lower surcharges compared to Lufthansa. Flights from Zurich to destinations like Tokyo or Hong Kong offer a refined experience with minimal additional fees.

Alternatively, South African Airways, another Miles and More partner, provides an opportunity to explore Africa in comfort. A business class flight from Europe to South Africa typically runs around 70,000 miles one-way, and while surcharges are present, they are comparatively lower than those on European routes.

Closer to home, for those in Europe, flights within the continent can also provide good value. For example, business class flights on Lufthansa or another European Star Alliance member like Austrian Airlines can be a steal at around 25,000 miles one-way. This allows for exploring cities across Europe in comfort, with lounges and priority services enhancing the travel experience. Again, watch for surcharges, but intra-European flights often have lower fees than long-haul routes.

For a truly unique experience, consider using your miles for flights on other Star Alliance members like ANA or Thai Airways. ANA's business class from Europe to Japan offers an exquisite service, and although it costs around 88,000 miles one-way, it's an excellent use of your miles for a superior product. Thai Airways also offers a memorable experience with its renowned service and access to luxurious lounges, especially if you're traveling through Bangkok.

In summary, when using 100,000 Lufthansa Miles and More miles, you have numerous options to explore the world in business class. Whether sticking with Lufthansa for direct routes and flagship services or exploring partners like United, LOT, or Swiss for lower surcharges, your miles can unlock premium experiences across the globe. Always consider the total cost, including surcharges, and look for routes and partners that balance mileage use with additional fees for the best overall value in your travels.

United Airlines (No Fuel Surcharges)

1. North America to Europe: Redeem 52,000 Miles & More miles for a one-way business class flight. This is one of the best deals, especially since United does not add fuel surcharges to award tickets, making it a cost-effective way to cross the Atlantic.
2. North America to South America: For 52,000 miles one-way, you can fly in business class to countries like Brazil, Argentina, or Chile. This redemption is particularly valuable given the length of the flights and the quality of United's Polaris business class.
3. North America to Asia: Starting at 67,000 miles one-way, you can fly business class to diverse destinations across Asia. This longer flight segment offers great value for your miles, especially in the Polaris product.
4. North America to Central America: For shorter flights, a business class ticket to destinations like Costa Rica or Panama costs just 35,000 miles one-way.
5. Intra-Asia Flights: Utilize United’s extensive network in Asia for regional business class flights starting at 22,000 miles one-way, which is a great way to experience premium cabins on shorter segments.

Swiss International Air Lines (Lower Fuel Surcharges)

1. Europe to North America: Swiss offers one of the more refined business class products, and you can book a one-way ticket for 52,000 miles. While there are surcharges, they are generally lower than those on Lufthansa flights.
2. Europe to East Asia: For 70,000 miles one-way, you can experience Swiss business class. The airline's service and onboard amenities make this a high-value redemption, especially given the manageable surcharges compared to other European carriers.
3. Europe to the Middle East: Redeem 35,000 miles one-way for business class. Swiss provides excellent connectivity to major cities like Dubai and Muscat, with relatively low additional costs.
4. Europe to Africa: A business class flight to destinations like Nairobi or Johannesburg costs about 40,000 miles one-way, offering a comfortable journey to explore the African continent.

LOT Polish Airlines (Moderate Fuel Surcharges)

1. North America to Europe: A business class ticket costs 52,000 miles one-way. LOT’s modern business class cabins and significantly lower fuel surcharges compared to Lufthansa make this a very attractive option.
2. Europe to Asia:With 70,000 miles one-way, you can fly from Warsaw to Tokyo or Seoul. LOT offers a compelling product with lower fees, providing a comfortable and cost-efficient way to travel to Asia.

Singapore Airlines (Varied Fuel Surcharges)

1. Europe to South East Asia: For 92,000 miles one-way, enjoy one of the best business class products to destinations like Singapore or Bangkok. While Singapore Airlines has surcharges, their product quality can justify the expense.
2. Intra-Asia Flights: Starting at 25,000 miles one-way, you can fly between Asian destinations like Singapore to Bali or Kuala Lumpur in business class, experiencing top-tier service on shorter flights.

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

1. Europe to Japan: For 88,000 miles one-way, ANA’s business class offers an exceptional experience with superior service and cuisine. Fuel surcharges are present but are worth it for the quality of the experience.

Thai Airways
1. Europe to Thailand: Use 70,000 miles for a one-way business class ticket. Thai’s service, especially on their A380 or 787, provides an excellent way to travel to Bangkok or beyond with reasonable surcharges.

South African Airways

1. Europe to South Africa: At 70,000 miles one-way, this is a great way to travel to cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town in comfort, with lower surcharges than European carriers.

1. North America to South America: For 52,000 miles one-way in business class, Avianca offers a direct route to countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru with minimal additional fees.

Air Canada (Moderate Fuel Surcharges)

1. North America to Europe: Air Canada's business class can be booked for 52,000 miles one-way. Their Signature Class offers an excellent product, and while surcharges exist, they are less than those on transatlantic Lufthansa flights.

By choosing these partners and specific routes, you can significantly maximize the value of your Miles & More miles for business class travel, while also managing the extra costs associated with fuel surcharges. This strategic approach ensures that you

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