Magnolia Mania: Inside Chip and Joanna’s Stunning New Waco Hotel

Post originally Published February 2, 2024 || Last Updated February 2, 2024

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Magnolia Mania: Inside Chip and Joanna's Stunning New Waco Hotel - An Oasis in the Heart of Waco

Chip and Joanna Gaines' newest project, the Magnolia Hotel in Waco, Texas, is making waves as an oasis of modern farmhouse style in the heart of the city. As longtime Waco residents, Chip and Joanna are intimately familiar with the city's charms as well as its need for more hospitality options. The Magnolia Hotel delivers by transforming two historic downtown buildings into a stylish retreat that celebrates the heritage of Waco while providing a fresh perspective.

The hotel's central location places it within easy walking distance of popular Waco attractions like the Dr. Pepper Museum and the shops at Magnolia Market at the Silos. However, stepping inside the thoughtfully designed interiors makes you temporarily forget you're in the middle of a mid-sized city. The tranquil courtyard with its bubbling fountain and lush greenery transports guests to a private hideaway, while cheerful blooms and artwork adorn the sophisticated yet cozy lobby.

Staying at the Magnolia is like being a guest in Chip and Joanna's own home, according to many glowing reviews. Thoughtful touches like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies delivered at turndown and complimentary artisanal breakfasts create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As one recent guest put it, "From the moment we arrived, we felt like we were visiting with old friends."

The Magnolia strikes a skillful balance between honoring Waco's heritage and introducing modern flair. Historical architectural details from the original buildings, like exposed brick walls and steel support beams, mesh seamlessly with the Gaines' signature farmhouse style. Meanwhile, luxe amenities like rainfall showers, SMEG appliances, and Restoration Hardware furnishings add contemporary comfort.

The hotel's food and beverage program also reflects the central Texas setting through dishes made with local ingredients. Magnolia Table, the on-site restaurant headed up by Joanna, serves breakfast classics, soups, salads and sandwiches. The coffee shop offers Texas-roasted lattes and fresh pastries to enjoy. The indoor-outdoor bar specializes in craft cocktails that incorporate local spirits.

In addition to offering a stylish home base for exploring Waco, the Magnolia adds new event space to meet local needs. The 2,000 square-foot ballroom caters to business meetings, weddings and other special occasions that were previously lacking dedicated venues downtown. True to Magnolia form, every detail from tablescapes to custom culinary menus receives thoughtful attention.

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Magnolia Mania: Inside Chip and Joanna's Stunning New Waco Hotel - Modern Touches Meet Farmhouse Chic

An essential element of the Magnolia Hotel's wide appeal is the skillful blending of modern touches with farmhouse chic. The Gaines' are masters at fusing contemporary comforts with vintage charm in a way that feels fresh yet familiar. At the Magnolia, historic architectural details meet custom modern furnishings and art in an inspired display of their design philosophy.

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted with a cheerful palette of white and green, from burlap drapes to botanical prints. Sleek pendant lighting and abstract floral rugs add modern flair, while well-worn leather armchairs invite guests to curl up with a book. In the courtyard, string lights and cafe tables offer a hip outdoor lounge vibe, while the bubbling fountain provides a soothing backdrop.

In the rooms, thoughtful details evoke relaxed sophistication. Weathered wood floors and exposed brick accent walls bring rustic warmth, while luxurious linens and SMEG fridges lend contemporary comfort. Platform beds with cute painted frames feel simultaneously farmhouse cozy and metropolitan chic. The artwork continues the theme, juxtaposing antique prints with colorful modern photography.
The public spaces follow suit, layering industrial touches like steel beams and distressed wood ceilings with posh velvet furniture and bold abstract art. In the ballroom, crystal chandeliers contrast with wire chairs; gallery walls mix vintage curios and contemporary photography for visual interest.

By honoring the past yet embracing the present, Chip and Joanna have made the Magnolia Hotel feel special without being stuffy. As one recent guest remarked, "It's homey but modern and hip. My room made me feel so inspired!" Indeed, the Magnolia offers a masterclass in how to strike the perfect balance between classic and cutting-edge.

The food program also exemplifies this idea. Dishes with down-home flavor profiles are plated with artistic flair and incorporate fresh, quality ingredients. The breakfast menu offers esteem-boosting yet craveable options like avocado toast with radish and lemon ricotta on rustic sourdough. At the coffee bar, lattes come adorned with lovely rosetta art.

Magnolia Mania: Inside Chip and Joanna's Stunning New Waco Hotel - Spaces to Gather and Relax

At the Magnolia Hotel, spaces to gather and relax are thoughtfully designed to foster meaningful connections. As Joanna Gaines puts it, “Home is a place where you can just take a deep breath and be.” The hotel brings that inviting spirit to every common area.

The sunny lobby establishes an uplifting first impression with its fresh white palette accented by verdant plants. A mix of plush sofas and wooden armchairs invites guests to settle in with a book from the curated selection. Oversized ottomans offer a casual perch for enjoying a latte from the coffee bar while gazing out expansive windows. According to recent visitors, the lobby’s cheerful vibe and charming staffers make it tempting to linger for hours.
Outdoors, the courtyard provides an urban oasis with lush potted palms, café tables, and flickering string lights. The calming burble of the cast-stone fountain blocks out city noise. Guests praise it as an ideal spot to decompress over a glass of wine or connect with travel companions. As one reviewer put it, “The courtyard made us feel miles away from everything even though we were right downtown.”

Upstairs, the sprawling veranda lined with rocking chairs overlooking the courtyard affords a bird’s-eye view of the greenery below. This peaceful perch offers fresh perspective along with a refreshing breeze on warm Texas days. Visitors recommend grabbing a mint julep from the bar and enjoying the sunset from the veranda.
The 2,000 square foot ballroom provides a posh yet inviting setting for events and weddings. Flexible layouts and state-of-the-art tech allow for varied uses from conferences to cocktail parties. Neutral tones keep the mood relaxed, while chalkboard accents lend quintessential Magnolia charm. Vaulted ceilings amplify the grandeur of the space. Recent brides describe the ballroom as “elegant yet comfortable” with a “warm, personal feel.”

Small nooks filled with vintage books and curios give guests a cozy spot for respite throughout the property. Plush window seats in the cafe are ideal for admiring street views over coffee. Tabletops display treasured finds from Texas makers, sparking inspiration. As one recent visitor put it, “Every corner offers something unexpected yet familiar to discover.”

Magnolia Mania: Inside Chip and Joanna's Stunning New Waco Hotel - Nods to Waco's Rich History

Chip and Joanna Gaines pull inspiration from the past while designing spaces rooted in the present, and their passion for honoring history shines at the Magnolia Hotel. Thoughtful nods to Waco's rich heritage permeate the property, turning a stay into an immersive experience that helps guests connect to the city's unique story.

Exposed bricks, salvaged wood floors, and weathered finishes pay homage to the buildings' origins as an auto dealership and bank in the early 1900s. Black and white historical photos documenting the city's evolution line the walls, sparking curiosity about Waco's bygone eras. Lobby bookshelves curated with Texan classics, cookbooks, and coffeetable tomes on architecture provide insight into local influences.

The on-site restaurant, Magnolia Table, continues the history lesson through its menu filled with Lone Star State flavor. diners indulge in chicken fried steak, pimiento cheese sandwiches, and chicken salad layered with shredded barbecue brisket. The coffee shop sells beloved Texas treats like Dr. Pepper cake and kolaches, a nod to the city's Czech heritage. Cocktails incorporate small-batch liquors from craft Texas distilleries, spotlighting local artisans.

In signature Joanna style, vintage finds discovered at area flea markets and antique shops adorn every space. Medal-back chairs, industrial factory lights, and reclaimed wood add layers of legacy. One recent visitor described stumbling upon an old blacksmith's bench upstairs and feeling transported back in time.

Among the property's most remarkable historical features is its restored 20-foot water well sitting just beyond the courtyard. Dating back to the late 1800s, this once served as the site of Waco's first elevator. The iconic structure, which the Gaines' unearthed during construction, provides a visual bridge to the city's origins.

The ballroom also embraces the past through details like refurbished church pews and custom lighting inspired by the city's historic suspension bridge over the Brazos River. According to recent event hosts, touches like vintage books used as table numbers tell Waco's story in an unexpected way that delights guests.
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