A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA

Post originally Published February 20, 2024 || Last Updated February 20, 2024

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A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - Packing Tips for Flying with Kids

A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA

Packing for a long-haul flight with kids can be daunting, but being prepared will make the journey smoother for everyone. The key is bringing enough entertainment and snacks to keep the little ones occupied during the flight without overpacking. Here are some of the most essential items to include in your carry-on bag when flying from LA to Tokyo with children:

- Portable gaming devices like Nintendo Switch, tablets loaded with movies and games, and old-school toys like coloring books, crayons, and small Lego sets. Devices with headphones are great for watching shows without disturbing other passengers.

- Snack bag filled with each child’s favorite treats, dried fruit, granola bars, crackers, lollipops for ear-popping. Avoid messy or crumbly snacks. Bring empty water bottles to fill up after security.

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A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - ANA's Family-Friendly Amenities

ANA is known throughout Japan as the preferred airline for traveling families. Their extensive fleet of 777s, 787s and 737s include specially designated areas to keep children engaged and parents stress-free during long-haul flights. Even domestic routes within Japan provide extra consideration for flyers with little ones.

Each widebody aircraft contains a semi-private "Family Room" located near the back on the main deck. This spacious section contains up to four rows of seats blocked off by dividers. Young flyers can relax, play and make noise without disturbing other passengers thanks to the isolation. Plus, parents have direct access to the galley and restrooms without having to walk through the main cabin. Complimentary snacks, colorings books and toys are stocked for children while flights.
For domestic journeys and slimmer aircraft, "Family Zones" are clearly defined near the front of Coach. These roomier rows lack entertainment screens common elsewhere but offer wider legroom, more seat pitch and extra supplies for kids. Flight attendants are specifically trained to keep this zone peaceful while still providing white-glove service with smiles. Complimentary strollers and boosters seats can also be arranged in advance for infants and toddlers.

Even booking through ANA's website is crafted with families in mind. Customers can indicate the number, age and seating preferences for children at no extra charge. Specific meal requests and bulkhead/exit rows are simply marked as needed. Try doing that with some otherAsianairlines and watch the extra fees pile up! Once on board, bright flight attendants shower even the youngest flyers with affection. They make sure all passengers feel cared for during the journey.

A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - Activities for Kids at Tokyo's Top Attractions

Tokyo has countless world-class attractions that will captivate kids of all ages. From zoos and aquariums, to hands-on science museums, to immersive theme parks like Tokyo Disney Resort, the city is a wonderland of discovery for young travelers. Here are some top options families returning from LAX on ANA should consider:

Ueno Zoo in Taito Ward is considered one of the finest urban animal habitats in the world. In addition to large open spaces for giraffes, elephants and primates, the zoo has a great children's farmyard where kids can pet small animals. A highlight is the Panda exhibit featuring the zoo's resident giant pandas in their lush naturalistic enclosure.

Nearby is the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park, home to the world's largest Asian art collection. While the ornate artifacts and paintings appeal most to older children, kids will love the interactive Digital Archives section where they can learn about samurai armor, costumes and traditional crafts through 3D holograms.

Across town, the futuristic Miraikan science museum in Odaiba contains a plethora of hands-on activities and simulated experiences that make scientific principles fun to explore. Young visitors especially enjoy the Life-Size Town section where they can pretend to be two meters tall or pilot a life-sized remote-controlled humanoid robot. Another popular Odaiba destination is Tokyo DisneySea with its intricately designed lands themed to different global port areas. While Disney characters are of course the main draw, kids will marvel at mountains and water rides like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Indiana Jones Adventure. A one or two day visit lets families fully experience this coastal park.

For an authentic Japanese experience, Tokyo's venerable Tsukiji Fish Market in Chuo holds a wealth of sights, sounds and smells to engage children before it transforms into a public park later this year. Watching the daily pre-dawn tuna auctions and browsing the market's many prepared food vendors is a memorable start to the day. Afterwards, families could investigate nearby Hamarikyu Gardens and spot black-headed seabirds along the garden's waterways.

A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - Kid-Friendly Dining Options in Tokyo

Finding restaurants in Tokyo that appeal to children can be tricky for jetlagged families arriving on ANA from LAX. While Tokyo dazzles with over 160,000 dining outlets, not all cater to kids' tastes or dining styles. Planning where to eat with children is essential.

Focus on atmosphere and menu when choosing Tokyo eateries for families. Look for bright, lively spaces with comfortable booth seating. Kids get restless sitting quietly at formal tables. Seek menus with dishes recognizable to children like grilled meats, noodle bowls, rice dishes and pizzas. And don't forget dessert! Places with fluffy pancakes, frosty parfaits and sweet crepes make great rewards after sightseeing.

Ichiran Ramen lets diners customize their noodle bowl orders via English checklists at their seats. Kids can pick broth richness, noodle width, spice level and toppings to their liking. With individual dining booths, children can slurp noodles without manners scrutiny. Parents order from the regular menu.
At ninja-themed Ninja Akasaka kids get entertained by waitstaff performing magic tricks and acrobatics between courses. Food is just as animated with rainbow-hued pancakes and fruit kebabs called "ninja stars." Adults enjoy well-crafted modern kaiseki fare.
Jumbo Taxi Cafe in Roppongi is housed inside a life-sized taxi with working headlights. Kids sit in backseats with tray tables to eat. The diner-inspired menu features burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. For parents, cocktails come in retro glassware.
Konamon Museum in Shibuya lets families make their own okonomiyaki savory pancakes and monjayaki at tables. Kids mix ingredients into batter then grill pancakes themselves on hotplates built into tables. A play area keeps young ones busy while food cooks.
At food theme park Namja Town underneath Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro, nine themed eating areas attract families. Highlights include ice cream shop Sweet Castle with wild flavors like potato and butter, and Unicorn Cafe with rainbow-hued cakes.
Tokyo also has kid cafes where parents pay an entrance fee for "all-you-can-eat-and-play." At Poisson Cafe kids snack freely while interacting with otters, hedgehogs, rabbits and farm animals. At gaming cafes like Anata no Warehouse, children enjoy video games, comics and toys between free soft serve and snacks.

A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - Visiting Tokyo Disneyland

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to Tokyo Disneyland. This beloved theme park continues Walt Disney’s legacy of imagination and magic for families from around the world. Though smaller than other Disney resorts, Tokyo Disneyland packs attractions and entertainment into every corner.

Arriving at the park entrance, visitors behold Cinderella Castle in its full glory. Modeled after Europe's great palaces, this iconic centerpiece stands testimony to the fantastical sights awaiting inside. Passing through the World Bazaar gateway, guests enter a realm of joyful sensations.

Signature attractions like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters thrill both young and old. Fan favorites from Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Tangled come vividly to life. Characters dressed in elaborate costumes roam the park ready for photos and hugs. Shows and parades surprise crowds with music, stunts and special effects.

Yet Tokyo Disneyland’s greatest strength is how it caters to families. Rides feature safety gates and gentle thrills suitable for tiny tots. Each land thoughtfully incorporates play areas and hands-on activities amid the larger rides. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland lets kids pilot their own research vessel. Westernland contains an entire pioneer village where children can explore shops, stockades and covered wagons. Critter Country’s Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes takes families on a scenic trip down the park’s rivers.
Interactive magic extends to Tokyo Disneyland’s live entertainment. The castle stage frequently hosts sing-along shows where kids join costumed hosts in familiar Disney tunes. At scheduled times, rare characters like Marie from Aristocats appear for autographs and pictures. Parades dazzle with ornate floats while dancers sprinkle pixie dust over giggling children.

Tokyo Disneyland further caters to families through amenities. Stroller and wheelchair rental is free and abundant. Baby Care Centers provide private rooms fully stocked with infant needs. Complimentary lockers ease carrying bags. Kid-friendly meals are available, though outside food is also permitted. Disney cast members gladly assist guests with anything they require.
With so much magic contained in one park, families could easily spend multiple days exploring Tokyo Disneyland. Hotels like Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta let visitors continue the fairy tale by staying immersed in Disney themes. Park tickets last up to four days with options to visit both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

A family trip from LA to Tokyo on ANA - ANA's Newest Family Perks

ANA continuously strives to enhance the flying experience for families. Their latest innovations further cement the airline's position as the leader in family-focused air travel. This year, ANA rolled out new amenities that make traveling with children even more enjoyable.

ANA's new signature Family Amenities kits are nothing short of genius. Stocked exclusively for the special Family Zones and Rooms, these kits have everything busy families need to feel relaxed at 38,000 feet. Inside parents find handy snacks, a blanket, changing mat, toys, coloring books and headphones - thoughtfully curated for both little ones and exhausted moms/dads. Most airlines wouldn't think to include small trash bags or wipes, but ANA does. Even before take-off, families know help is literally at hand.
Now for families flying Economy, new Parenting Panels offer discreet nursing and changing stations built into select seatbacks. No more awkwardly utilizing lavatory floors or praying the changing pad doesn't slip. Babies stay clean and happy while parents stay sane - a subtle improvement yielding enormous benefits. And with ANA's new infant-specific menus taking off this month, every family can dine comfortably at their seats without worrying over picky eaters.

ANA also surprised families by dedicating new craft entirely to family travel this year. Their revamped fleet of 777-300ERs features expanded Family Zones and Room-sized for today's growing adventure-clan. With 10 across seating instead of 9, parents rejoice at kid-friendly spacing. Updated IFE load kid-centered shows and games, while larger overhead bins hold all essentials. Even little details like extra legroom show ANA cares about comfort during long flights abroad.

Within Japan, ground staff now receive targeted "Kids First" training ensuring friendly, patient service from check-in through arrival. For worldwide flights too, ANA equips crews fluent in multiple languages to ease communication barriers. Taking care of young flyers (and their parents) affects the entire experience, top to bottom.

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