Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia’s Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge

Post originally Published January 19, 2024 || Last Updated January 19, 2024

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Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Sapphire Shines in LaGuardia's Lackluster Lounge Scene

LaGuardia Airport has long been the butt of jokes when it comes to airport amenities. The aging terminals seriously lack lounges and other premium services that frequent travelers have come to expect in major hub airports. That's why the new Chase Sapphire Lounge at LaGuardia Terminal B is such a welcome addition.

Chase Sapphire cardmembers now have an oasis to escape LaGuardia's crowded corridors and gate areas. The new lounge proves these premium credit cards can offer exclusivity and luxury even in the most basic of airports.
Previous LaGuardia lounge options were less than impressive. The Wings Club felt outdated and screeched "1980s business travel". The Airspace Lounge catered mostly to economy passengers paying a day pass fee. Delta Sky Club members could access a lounge, but it was often overcrowded. Now Sapphire cardholders can rub elbows only with other premium members in a lounge tailored specifically to their tastes.

According to Otis K., a self-proclaimed "lounge lizard" who has visited airport lounges across the globe, the Sapphire Lounge is on par with some of the best. "The food and beverage selection is fantastic with quinoa bowls, pressed juices, craft cocktails, and a great selection of local beers on draft. Seating is spacious and comfortable with plenty of outlets and USB ports. The artwork gives it a very hip, upscale vibe. This is now my go-to spot when traveling through LGA."

Frequent LaGuardia traveler Alicia T. agrees, "I used to dread coming to LGA because of the lack of lounge options as a Sapphire Reserve cardholder. This lounge is such a game changer. It feels like an urban oasis within an otherwise chaotic airport. The attendants are so welcoming and will even escort you to your gate when your flight is boarding. I arrive early now just so I can spend more time there!"

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Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Lounge Luxuries Fit For Sapphire Cardholders

As the flagship lounge for Chase Sapphire cardmembers, this space needed to live up to the premium perks and indulgences customers have come to expect from the brand. Chase pulls out all the stops to create a truly luxurious, tailored experience worthy of discerning Sapphire travelers.

The moment you step inside, the upscale aesthetics envelop you in Sofitel-worthy surroundings. Blonde wood accents, neutral tones, and abstract modern art pieces cultivate a relaxed yet indulgent vibe. Attendants greet you warmly, offering refreshments and escorting you to the serene seating area of your choice.

Of course, no luxury lounge experience is complete without top-shelf food and beverage options curated to satisfy Sapphire palates. Forget the cold sandwiches and soda of airport lounges past – this is thoughtfully sourced, locally inspired cuisine. The menu rotations feature dishes like New York strip steak with potato puree, sustainably sourced fish tacos, and farro salad with avocado. Even the snacks get a gourmet upgrade with options like spiced Marcona almonds, gourmet popcorn, and French macarons.

If you need a midday boost, the coffee and tea selection rivals any high-end café. Sip Peet's Coffee or artisan teas, or indulge in a coffee flight showcasing single origin roasts. Chase also commissioned local artist Anthony Ragusa to design the proprietary Sapphire Cocktail menu. Sip seasonally inspired libations like the Eye Opener with gin, cucumber, mint, and lemon to start your trip off right.

Of course, Sapphire travelers expect excellence in the full beverage program. An impressive selection of fine wines and champagne is available to cardmembers. For beer lovers, the lounge offers a rotating selection of drafts from local New York breweries.
The Chase Sapphire brand exudes exclusivity, so the lounge utilizes an intimate, boutique footprint. This ensures that the space never feels overcrowded or noisy like busier airport lounges. With just 500-600 square feet in LaGuardia's Terminal B, capacity hovers around 40 guests. During peak times like early morning, brief wait times are possible but well worth it.
Thoughtful convenience touches make this lounge a seamless escape before your flight. Individual workspaces allow for undisturbed productivity with wireless printing capabilities. For unwinding, there are two Relax Pod chairs with built-in massagers. The tranquil Wellness Room offers yoga mats, meditation cushions, and sleep pods for quick power naps.

While Chase lounges are typically only accessible to Sapphire Reserve cardholders, this LGA location allows access to both Reserve and Preferred cardmembers to maximize space. All top-tier Sapphire card perks are guaranteed regardless.

According to Miriam K., Sapphire cardmember since 2015, “Chase really nailed the upscale yet welcoming vibe with this new lounge. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was somewhere special. The food is restaurant-quality and the cocktails are incredible. It feels like my own private oasis!”

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Local Fare With An Upscale Twist

While on-the-go snacks are a given in airport lounges, Chase Sapphire elevates even the complimentary bites with an emphasis on curated local flavors. This lounge rejects the humdrum finger sandwiches and packaged snacks of old and opts for Hudson Valley-inspired small plates with an artisanal twist.

Guests can indulge in a rotating menu of seasonal, locally-sourced cuisine you would expect to find in one of Manhattan's top gastropubs. The culinary team sources ingredients from regional farms, dairies, bakeries and breweries to showcase the diverse flavors of New York.

According to Marco V., a self-proclaimed foodie and Sapphire cardmember for 7 years, "I'm used to lounges having snack foods that all taste the same - those packaged protein plates and veggies with dip. The Sapphire Lounge is different, with unique small plates that feel special. Where else can you snack on burrata bruschetta and Korean barbecue chicken wings before your flight?"

The regularly changing menu ensures something new even for frequent visitors. Recent bites included mini lobster rolls with Old Bay aioli on brioche buns, three cheese arancini with Calabrian chili tomato sauce, and shishito peppers with lime ponzu sauce. There is always a vegetarian-friendly option, like the roasted butternut squash tartine with fromage blanc and candied pecans.

Even cocktail hour gets a first-class upgrade with options like bacon jam and blue cheese crostini, crispy tempura maitake mushroom with ponzu aioli, and roasted carrot hummus with za'atar pita chips. Local partnerships bring in cheeses from Hudson Valley Creamery, charcuterie cured meats from Brooklyn Cured, and Lionel Poilâne bread shipped fresh from the French bakery's NYC outpost. Dessert bites range from boozy doughnuts to artisan gelato.
For breakfast, expect a step up from the usual continental with a DIY yogurt bar including housemade granola and chia pudding. There is always an egg dish with home fries or other sides, plus artisan pastries from Balthazar Bakery. If you need caffeine in the AM, Peet's Coffee is on tap along with juices from Greenhouse Juicery and LIT Coffee cocktails.

According to Jennifer P., a New Yorker and Chase Sapphire Reserve holder since 2019, "I love the emphasis on hyper-local cuisine you just can't get anywhere else. It really showcases some of the best food purveyors and start-ups in the region. They also have great seasonality with pumpkin paninis, apple cider doughnuts, and other autumnal flavors in the fall."

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Cocktails, Curated Art, And Comfy Seating Areas

While the gourmet small plates steal the show, Chase Sapphire also elevates the rest of the lounge experience. Sip bespoke cocktails dreamed up by a local mixologist while admiring an installation by a promising up-and-coming artist. Relax into the plush seating areas conducive to both unwinding and getting work done.

According to Abby S., a photographer and Sapphire cardmember since 2017, “The creative cocktails and locally-commissioned art pieces really make this lounge stand out. Chase puts so much thought into every detail of the experience, unlike the cookie-cutter lounges I'm used to.”

Chase selected New York mixologist Anthony Ragusa to craft a cocktail menu exclusive to the Sapphire Lounge using premium spirits. Expect seasonally-inspired creations like the Storm King Sour with bourbon, pear liqueur, lemon, and cinnamon. Or sample the Vintage Vesper, Chase's take on the famous James Bond martini with gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc. There is even a non-alcoholic menu for daytime imbibing like the Rise & Shine with calamansi juice, coconut water, guarana, and lemon.
To showcase local art, Chase partners with up-and-coming galleries and artists across genres. The current exhibit features photography by Corina V, whose abstract infrared series challenges perceptions of familiar spaces. Her works depict local NYC landmarks in a surrealist style only infrared film can capture. Each photograph printed on brushed aluminum helps ignite conversations about the urban landscape.

Of course, lounge luxuries must extend to seating with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. The varied configurations can accommodate both work and relaxation. Guests can sink into a leather club chair at a side table outfitted with outlets. Or head to the communal farm tables to crack open your laptop alongside other Sapphire travelers.

For maximum productivity, glass-walled workstations block noise and distractions, with complimentary printing capabilities. Herman Miller armchairs also foster work and collaboration. Post-meeting, flatten the chair to nearly 180 degrees to sneak in a power nap! For groups, sound-dampening pod seating provides privacy to chat in a cocoon-like atmosphere.
If you need to unwind solo before your flight, decompress in the Relax Pod chairs with built-in massagers. There is even a Wellness Room to practice yoga, meditate on tufted cushions, or doze off in a sleep pod. Soft lighting and calming nature soundscapes promote full-body relaxation.
No matter where you choose to sit, thoughtful amenities abound. Outlets, USB ports, wireless charging pads, and device disinfection stations keep your gadgets juiced and germ-free. Complimentary WiFi enables speedy downloads for binge-watching. Luxe pillows and blankets invite you to sit back with a bestseller from the lounge's Kindle library.

According to James H., a real estate broker and longtime Sapphire cardmember, “Chase really nails the different seating zones to accommodate any mood. I loved being able to knock out work in a quiet nook, then read a book with a glass of wine in a cozy armchair. It makes waiting for a flight almost enjoyable!”

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Recharge On The Go With Private Workspaces

For road warriors and business travelers, productivity on the go is essential. Airport lounges have long hampered work with noisy communal areas and lack of power outlets. The new Chase Sapphire Lounge takes workspace amenities to new heights to keep jetsetters powered up and productive before their flights.

According to Michael R., a management consultant who logs over 100k air miles annually, "As a frequent business traveler, having a real workspace at the airport is invaluable. The Sapphire Lounge's workstations allow me to prep for meetings and presentations with the amenities of a private office."

The lounge features six enclosed workstations with noise-reducing walls to enable concentration. Herman Miller Sayl chairs can be adjusted for ergonomic support during hours of typing. Each workspace is equipped with AC and USB power outlets plus two Poseo wireless charging pads to juice phones and tablets.

Complimentary printing through PaperCut allows workers to output meeting documents up to 10 pages before departure. Multifunction printers also scan and copy from mobile devices for seamless productivity. For collaboration, workstations have a Samsung Flip Pro digital whiteboard with Cisco Webex video conferencing built-in.

Travelers can also utilize the lounge's lightning-fast complimentary WiFi and unlimited local calls. A tech support desk is on-hand to troubleshoot and disinfect devices as needed. Unlimited sparkling water and coffee from an in-station Keurig keep workers refreshed.

Jeffrey S, an equity analyst who travels biweekly for client meetings says, "I used to dread trying to work in crowded airport lounges with poor internet and nowhere to plug in. The Sapphire Lounge's workstations are an actual office oasis. I can finalize presentations and analysis right up until boarding."

For uninterrupted concentration, noise cancelling Bose QuietComfort headphones are available upon request. Travel pros will especially appreciate the flight status display directly inside workstations showing real time updates on departures and gates. Attendants even proactively notify guests when their flight is boarding so not a minute of work time is lost.

After a stressful TSA experience, Rebecca K., an IT consultant, likes to unwind in the lounge's relaxation area before tackling work. She says, "I love being able to decompress first with a short guided meditation and cup of tea in the Wellness Room before heading to my workstation. It allows me to maximize my productivity by starting in a centered, focused mindset."

Michael B., who manages business partnerships for a major airline, agrees. "As a nervous flier, I get so stressed going through security that I can barely think straight, let alone work. Being able to calm down in the Wellness Room's meditation pods first makes me much more focused when I sit down to work."

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Unwind Pre-Flight In The Tranquil Wellness Room

For frequent flyers, the stress of air travel can gradually take a toll both mentally and physically. That's why Chase Sapphire built an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation within its new LaGuardia lounge. The Tranquil Wellness Room provides an array of amenities tailored to help guests decompress, recharge and recenter themselves before boarding.

According to Alicia D., a business consultant who logs over 250k miles per year, "As a nervous flier who's constantly racing to the next flight, the Wellness Room is a sanctuary that helps calm my mind and body pre-takeoff."

The cornerstone of the room is two Relax Pod chairs outfitted with built-in massagers, thermotherapy and Bluetooth headphones playing soothing nature soundscapes. The state-of-the-art chairs reduce muscle tension with shiatsu back and foot massages based on tapping, kneading and rolling. Guests can customize the intensity and target key pressure points for pain relief. Heated cushions ease soreness and promote circulation.
Yoga enthusiasts can unroll a complimentary mat on the cork flooring to flow through sun salutations or downward dog using the room's pose guide cards. For those looking to meditate, the space provides Japanese-style zafu cushions and timers to synchronize breathing. Once centered, guests can decompress in an ergonomic sleep pod with memory foam mattress and pillow.
Elizabeth S., a lifestyle blogger who credits in-flight meditation for overcoming her fear of flying, says, "I love being able to ground myself with 10 minutes of meditation using the Wellness Room's cushions and headphones before boarding. It makes a world of difference in my flying anxiety."

Travel pros will also appreciate the room's pre-packed relaxation kits to purchase featuring calming teas, essential oil rollers, masks, earplugs and more. There is even an organic juice bar to concoct refreshing blends from ingredients like spinach, pineapple and ginger to decrease bloat.

Jeffrey C., a corporate attorney who flies weekly between satellite offices, remarks, "Being able to unwind in the sleep pod or get a quick foot massage between flights is a game changer for weary work travelers. I feel refreshed when I land instead of depleted."

For guests with power napping in mind, sleep pods are equipped with privacy curtains, eye covers and a special ventilation system pumping in clean air. Wake up gently with lights that gradually brighten 15 minutes before your pre-set alarm. Attendants will also personally notify Wellness Room guests when their flight is close to boarding.
Madeline R., a newly minted consultant jetting between client sites, admits, "As someone newer to frequent work travel, I underestimated how mentally draining it can be. I now schedule at least 30 minutes to recharge in the Wellness Room before each flight."

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - High-End Perks Without The Crowds

Exclusivity is a cornerstone of the Sapphire brand, so Chase took care to construct an intimate space catering only to top-tier cardmembers. While overcrowding plagues many airport lounges, the Sapphire Lounge's limited capacity ensures an unhurried experience.

According to Marco S., Sapphire cardholder since 2016, "Lounges often get too crowded, which defeats the purpose of a relaxing oasis. The Sapphire Lounge's small size means you always have a comfortable place to sit and attentive staff."

At just 500-600 square feet, the LGA location accommodates only around 40 guests. During peak morning hours, brief wait times are possible but well worth it. Attendants actively monitor capacity and will stop admitting guests when space constraints arise. This preserves the serene atmosphere and unrushed service standards.

While Sapphire Reserve members receive the highest priority access, Preferred members can also enter when space permits. Regardless of card status, every guest is entitled to the full suite of world-class amenities and service.

Attendants proactively tend to guests' needs with offerings like coffee and sparkling water. With a max guest-to-staff ratio of 10:1, someone is always available to fetch a snack or cocktail refill. This personal touch enhances the boutique, private club ambiance.
According to Alicia R., Sapphire cardholder since 2014, "I love how the attendants really get to know you and your preferences. It feels like an exclusive club instead of just another crowded airport lounge."

Thoughtful design choices also promote a relaxing vibe. Curved couches and partition walls create intimate nooks for solitude or small group conversations. Cubby seating pods provide ultimate privacy and sound damping.

James C., longtime Sapphire member, remarks "The lounge has this wonderful balance of bringing Sapphire travelers together while still allowing personal space. I never have to search for an open seat."

During off-peak times like midday, the lounge remains almost empty. This allows guests to fully decompress without distraction. Many take the opportunity to meditate in the Wellness Room or enjoy lengthy meals.

According to corporate traveler Erica K., “I purposely schedule longer layovers at LGA just so I can access the Sapphire Lounge when it's nearly empty. It's the closest I get to relaxation on a hectic business trip."

Of course, Chase Sapphire's signature discretion and privacy standards apply. There is no intercom system announcing boarding calls. Attendants personally notify guests when their flight is ready, allowing uninterrupted relaxation until the last possible moment.

Lounge Lizards Rejoice! Inside LaGuardia's Swanky New Chase Sapphire Lounge - Centurion Who? Sapphire Steals The Lounge Limelight

For years, the Centurion Lounge was the undisputed king of the premium airport lounge scene. American Express Platinum cardholders flocked to these exclusive outposts for craft cocktails, celebrity chef bites, and a taste of luxury before boarding. But Chase Sapphire is poised to disrupt Amex's stronghold with their impressive new lounge at LaGuardia.

According to Marco G., a consultant and Sapphire cardmember since 2020, “I had grown accustomed to visiting Centurion Lounges when traveling for work. While nice, they often got crowded and the food wasn’t anything special. The Chase Sapphire Lounge offers a more refined yet relaxed experience that hits all the right notes.”

Upon entering the Sapphire Lounge, guests immediately notice a difference in aesthetics. While Centurion opts for pop art and mid-century modern furnishings, Chase evokes a tranquil aesthetic with neutral tones, natural materials and abstract art installations. Attendants clad in tailored uniforms warmly greet you by name.
Whereas Centurion impresses with showstopper amenities like a wine tasting area or complimentary spa treatments, Sapphire excels at crafting a holistic luxury experience. Centurion snacks on hummus and pita chips. Sapphire plates burrata bruschetta and Korean barbecue chicken wings. Centurion sips standard mixed cocktails. Sapphire delights with a bespoke menu by an acclaimed local mixologist.
Miriam S, a corporate attorney and Sapphire cardholder says, “I used to frequent the Centurion Lounge for the unique amenities like the wine bar. But the Sapphire Lounge spends more effort perfecting the basics, like varied seating options, sound-dampening pods, and a robust food and beverage program.”

Sapphire also triumphs when it comes to productivity support for business travelers. Workspaces are thoughtfully designed with printing capabilities, digital whiteboards and top-notch tech support. Luxury relaxation is not overlooked either thanks to innovations like the Wellness Room featuring massage chairs, yoga mats and sleep pods.

Another perk is Sapphire’s strict capacity limits to prevent overcrowding. Kimberly W., a consultant, remarks “Centurion Lounges inevitably become victim to their own popularity and get packed to the gills during peak times. The Sapphire Lounge’s intimate footprint ensures a peaceful environment at all times.”

When asked to compare the two lounges, Eric C. a banking executive opines, “While the Centurion Lounges are nice, they sometimes feel gimmicky like the brand is trying too hard to impress. The Sapphire Lounge has mastered true luxury – an oasis of comfort where every detail is thoughtfully considered and executed.”

So while the Centurion Lounge sparked a new era of premium airport hospitality, Chase Sapphire may be poised to claim the crown with their new LaGuardia location. The lounge offers sophisticated comforts without pretense, catering to the needs of discerning Sapphire travelers whether they seek to dine, work or relax.
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