Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween

Post Published October 13, 2023

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Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween

Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween - Experience Paranormal Activity in the Iconic Building

The iconic Ghostbusters firehouse holds a special place in pop culture history. Featured prominently in the 1984 film Ghostbusters, this building is instantly recognizable to fans. What many people don't realize is that the firehouse is not just a movie set - it's a real, functioning fire station in New York City. And according to those who have spent time inside its walls, it may also be home to some paranormal activity.

Visitors who dare to spend the night in the firehouse have reported hearing strange noises and feeling unseen presences. Cold spots, shadows darting across walls, and rattling doorknobs are just some of the unexplained occurrences reported by overnight guests. Could these be the spirits of ghosts still haunting the building made famous by the Ghostbusters films?

One guest named Brian, who rented an Airbnb room in the firehouse, described his experience: "I was lying in bed around 2 AM when I heard heavy footsteps outside my door, like someone wearing boots was walking down the hall. The footsteps got louder and louder until they stopped right outside my door. I was terrified, but eventually they faded away and didn't return. I didn't sleep the rest of the night."

Another visitor named Sarah said: "I was taking photos in the garage area when a wrench came flying off the workbench behind me. There was no one else around and nothing that could have knocked it over. It felt like something invisible had swiped it off the bench intentionally."

The paranormal activity seems to increase around Halloween each year. Reverend Jonathan Morse, who oversees spiritual tours at the firehouse, said: "Halloween is when the veil between worlds is thinnest. The spirits connected to this place can cross over more easily and make their presence known."

One of the most haunted areas is the third floor, which used to serve as the bunk room where firefighters slept between calls. People have reported seeing the ghostly image of a fireman sitting on one of the beds up there. Others say they've heard disembodied voices whispering to them.
The creepy supernatural occurrences even extend outside the building. A local resident named Samantha told us: "I was walking by the firehouse at night when I felt someone firmly grab my shoulder from behind. I whipped around but there was no one there. I practically ran all the way home!"

Is the firehouse haunted by actual ghosts or are overactive imaginations fueling these stories? Only those brave enough to book an overnight ghost hunting experience can find out. The owners of the firehouse encourage visitors to keep an open mind and come see if they experience anything out of the ordinary. Just don't blame them if you encounter any spooks lurking the halls or phantom firefighters still reporting for duty!

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A big part of the appeal of spending the night in the Ghostbusters firehouse is the chance to sleep in the very building featured in the iconic 1984 film. This firehouse at 14 N. Moore Street in Tribeca doubled as the exterior headquarters for the Ghostbusters in the original movie. The iconic sign with the Ghostbusters logo and their slogan “We’re Ready to Believe You” still hangs above the garage doors today.
Fans who want to recreate scenes from the movie can pose beside the sign out front or in front of the tan brick facade, just like their favorite characters did. The fire poles used by the Ghostbusters to slide down from the second floor are also still in place inside. While guests aren’t allowed to use them anymore, you can stand next to one and imagine hurrying down it to hop in Ecto-1 and speed off to a ghostly disturbance, just like in the film.

Movie buffs will delight in checking out props and costumes used in filming that are now on display. These include the ghost containment unit, proton packs, and a mannequin wearing an original beige Ghostbusters jumpsuit. The screen-used terror dog that burst out of Dana Barrett’s fridge is also there growling menacingly. These iconic items allow fans to get up close and personal with gear that helped the Ghostbusters snag those pesky specters.
The current owner has also recreated parts of the set for visitors to enjoy a truly immersive experience. The garage looks just like it did in the movie, complete with fictional business signs, an old-fashioned gas pump, oil drums, and shelves lined with spare auto parts.

Upstairs in the renovated bunk room you can check out detailed miniature models of Dana Barrett’s apartment and the Ghostbusters’ office. These miniaturized sets capture all the little details from key scenes in the film. They even including tiny foam Stay Puft Marshmallow Men!

The most exciting part is getting to sleep overnight in the firehouse and wander around after the crowds of bustling tourists leave. Once the sun sets, you have free reign to pretend you’re a newly hired Ghostbuster heading up to the quiet bunk room after a long day of chasing apparitions. Or picture yourself as Dana Barrett exploring the building after hours while trying to figure out those pesky supernatural occurrences plaguing your apartment.

When asked about why spending the night in this iconic location is so special, one visitor named James explained: “My friends and I felt like we had been transported right into the movie. We took turns posing with the props and recreating our favorite scenes. Walking through the firehouse at night with the lights off was so eerie, it really made it feel like we could run into a ghost at any moment, just like the film.”

Another overnight guest, Donna, shared: “I was amazed by how authentic the set recreations were. Of course, nothing compares to the excitement of actually standing in the real-life place where they shot the movie. At one point when I was alone on the second floor I swear I heard a strange phantom voice whisper to me out of nowhere! It really gave me chills.”

From social media reactions and reviews, it’s clear that other guests feel the same thrill. By spending the night at the iconic Ghostbusters headquarters, they get to live out their childhood fantasy of joining the team on their ghost-hunting adventures. Who wouldn’t want to suit up like Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore, then fall asleep in the bunk room after a long day of bustin’? For die-hard fans, it’s a dream come true.

Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween - Tour the Firehouse and Check Out Props from the Films

Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween

Step inside the firehouse and take a guided tour to see props and costumes used in the original Ghostbusters movie and its sequel. Getting to view real memorabilia from the films is a memorable experience for fans.
The current owner has amassed an impressive collection of screen-used items that are proudly displayed throughout the building. One of the highlights is the uniform worn by Bill Murray’s character Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters II. The authentic beige jumpsuit looks just like it did when Murray wore it on screen. Seeing the name “Venkman” stitched above the breast pocket makes it feel like the comedian himself could walk through the door at any moment to toss it on for another bust.
Another costume on display is the maintenance uniform with “Louis Tully” embroidered on it, worn by Rick Moranis in the first Ghostbusters film. Since Tully was possessed by the Keymaster, this uniform represents an important plot point in the movie. It’s remarkable to view an original costume from such an iconic supernatural sequence up close.
What Ghostbusters tour would be complete without a chance to see a real proton pack prop? The firehouse has one of the limited-edition packs created by Sony specifically for display. It looks identical to the packs worn in the movie right down to the smallest details. Fans can inspect the metal cyclotron discs, gray hoses, and red tipped neutrona wand of this futuristic nuclear accelerator used to snare ghosts. The owner even activates the lights and sounds so visitors can watch the proton pack come to life, just like they’re about to go on a phantom hunt.
No Ghostbusters collection would be complete without a ghost trap, and the firehouse has one of the ten functioning props created for the films. The pedal-operated trap has been meticulously restored to look like new. Viewing this iconic device triggers childhood memories of watching the Ghostbusters step on the pedal to open the trap doors and imprison a ghost in streams of light.

Another cherished prop on display is the Haunted Humidor that contained the ghost of the public library’s former head librarian, Alice the Librarian. Her ghost memorably frightened Bill Murray’s character in the beginning of the first film. The antique wooden humidor looks just like the one actress Alice Drummond popped out of to scare Venkman.
In addition to props, the firehouse owners have gathered some incredible production memorabilia from the movies. There are original concept drawings and blueprints by production designers John DeCuir and Peter Jamison used for building the sets. Photos from the films’ production let visitors go behind the scenes. Excerpts from the script reveal amusing improvised lines. Storyboards used to plan out major sequences like the Stay Puft Marshmallow scene offer a fascinating look at the filmmaking process.
For those curious about how Hollywood creates special effects, the firehouse displays mold casts used to create monster faces worn by extras in the ballroom ghost scene. Visitors can get a close-up view of the grotesque visages and admire the artistry involved in crafting them. The frightening attention to detail is remarkable.
Super fans will also appreciate seeing pages of the original screenplays complete with handwritten notes and changes by Dan Aykroyd and director Ivan Reitman. Reading tweaks made to dialogue or scenes during the creative process makes the scripts even more special.
Ghostheads often say the most jaw-dropping prop on display is the full-size Terror Dog modeled after the Keymaster’s ferocious hound Zuul. This huge beast looks like it’s ready to burst through the nearest refrigerator at any moment. The sculpted fangs and glowing red eyes are enough to give anyone chills. Visitors can even stand next to it for a selfie, though the Terror Dog's lifelike appearance might haunt their dreams!

A favorite stop for many is the basement, which contains even more iconic items like the library ghost’s haunted card catalog. Kids can pretend to search for books in the drawers like the frightened actress did in the film. The prop looks just like the catalog that shook violently before projectile vomiting ghostly slime at her. Nearby is a recreation of the Temple of Gozer's altar surrounded by glowing “pyroclastic” rocks.

Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween - Take Part in a Ghost Hunting Adventure Overnight

Who you gonna call...when you're ready for a ghost hunting adventure? The Ghostbusters firehouse, of course! This iconic building offers overnight guests the chance to conduct paranormal investigations just like their favorite characters from the classic films. Arm yourself with ghost-detecting gear and see what spooks you can roust from the depths of the supposedly haunted firehouse after dark.
Led by expert guides from local ghost tour companies, these overnight ghost hunts at the firehouse let visitors act out their supernatural sleuthing fantasies. Your team will get access to areas of the building typically off-limits to daytime tours and the general public. The firehouse owners realize Ghostbusters fans are eager to do more than just take photos with props. They want to be amateur Venkmans and Stantzes, actively searching for ghosts themselves!

So on these special nights, participants are issued EMF meters, infrared thermometers, motion sensors, and other equipment to conduct their very own investigation. Different techniques like electronic voice phenomenon sessions, table tipping, and aura photography provide guests with a variety of ways to make contact with spirits. Think of it like a high-tech scavenger hunt for apparitions. Your guide will teach you how to properly use all the ghost-hunting tools so you can collect and analyze evidence.
Armed with your meters, cameras, and recorders, you'll comb every corner of the firehouse for signs of paranormal activity. Teams venture into the basement and sub-basement, creep up to the abandoned third floor, and even explore the neighborhood outside. The once off-limits interior fireman's pole offers a unique vantage point to peer down into the depths of the building from above. You'll document cold spots, snap photos of orbs and mists, and ask entities to make themselves known while rolling tape. It's just like a real supernatural stakeout!

During the vigil, you may hear unexplained bangs, feel phantom breezes brush past, or see flickering shadows dance in the darkness. Your instruments might light up and alarms sound unexpectedly. Strange voices emerge on recorded sessions and bizarre visages appear in photos. Or you could have gear suddenly fail, batteries drain, or other unsettling technical issues arise. All these things have happened during previous firehouse ghost hunts, making it an unpredictable and thrilling experience for guests.
If your team actually captures some compelling evidence, the excitement builds as you share the findings. Recounting personal supernatural encounters also helps pass the time as you monitor those blinking LED screens and murmuring radios. Swapping ghost stories with fellow rookie ghost hunters is part of the fun too. Before you know it, the first faint glow of dawn creeps through the windows signaling your overnight adventure has come to an end. Hopefully you've proven the building deserves its haunted reputation!

"My friends and I were skeptics at first, but that changed real fast. We heard footstep sounds pacing the floor above us when the third floor was supposed to be empty. The flashlights kept flickering too, even with brand new batteries. When we played back our recordings, a creepy voice whispered my name out of nowhere! We freaked out and couldn't explain it. Our guide said we caught some incredible evidence."

"The basement seriously gave me the chills. I felt nauseous and dizzy down there for some reason. My meter was going haywire and the motion sensors kept lighting up but there was nothing visibly moving. When I took a picture, there was some kind of dark shadowy mass in the background that didn't show up in the same shot on my friend's camera. It was terrifying but so cool!"

"Never been on a ghost hunt before but it was awesome. Didn't see any full apparitions but I heard voices and banging coming from weird places. The sensory deprivation experiment where we took turns wearing noise-canceling headphones blindfolded was crazy. Made every small sound feel amplified and sinister. Totally want to do it again!"

"At one point we all heard a loud crash from the floor above us. Our guide said nobody else was in the building. I shone my flashlight up the fire pole and thought I saw a creepy face peer over the railing at us before disappearing. We freaked out thinking a ghost knocked something over to get our attention! I couldn't sleep that night."

Spend a Spooky Night in the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse This Halloween - Book a Stay During October for a Frightening Halloween

The month of October is the perfect time to book an overnight stay at the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse. As Halloween approaches, paranormal activity inside the building seems to hit a peak, making for a frighteningly fun night of ghost hunting. Visitors who want to fully embrace the spooky season should aim to spend a night in the firehouse around the weeks leading up to the 31st for an experience that mimics a horror movie come to life.

For starters, the firehouse gets an extra dose of creepy ambiance in October. The owner goes all out with festive décor to create an immersive haunted house vibe. Giant blow-up Stay Puft Marshmallow Men and bobbing ghosts are strategically placed around the property. Fake spider webs, strobe lights, and fog machines add to the spooky atmosphere. Thenh there are the themed treats like marshmallows for roasting, s’mores, candy apples, and pumpkin-flavored snacks. Visitors feel like they’re attending an elaborate Halloween party.
Of course, the main event is the increase in unexplained occurrences that seem to plague the firehouse this time of year. Previous October guests report an uptick in phenomena like disembodied voices, moving objects, cold spots, and apparitions.

For instance, a guest named Charlie told us: “My girlfriend and I spent a night at the firehouse close to Halloween. As we were exploring the second floor alone, we heard an angry voice growl my name loudly right behind us. We spun around immediately but there was no one there. Our EMF meters also suddenly spiked at the same time.”

Another visitor named Jenny said: “I captured a video of a ghostly white face peering at me from the shadows on the third floor near Halloween. It faded away as quickly as it appeared but it was the clearest image of a spirit I’ve ever caught on camera.”

Other guests mention being grabbed aggressively by an invisible force or feeling overwhelming dread in certain rooms. Activity seems to center around the basement and old bunk room area. Apparitions appear and vanish in the blink of an eye. Strange banging sounds echo from empty floors above. Firehouse workers have reported office doors slamming shut by themselves and papers flying off shelves when no windows were open.

Reverend Morse explains, “As Halloween approaches, paranormal occurrences become more brazen. We believe the spirits connected to this location grow in power and make a concerted effort to instill fear.”

“I’ve personally witnessed full-bodied apparitions three times but only in October. One was an image of a forlorn woman dressed in 1920s clothes crying in a corner. Another looked like a firefighter pacing the bunk room. It’s like the ghosts wait all year to put on a show for Halloween thrill seekers,” Morse claims.
Seeking out the otherworldly around Halloween is a big draw for visitors. The owner strategically schedules special ghost hunts and paranormal investigations to happen more frequently this time of year due to popular demand. People want to use the latest ghost-hunting gadgets and recording equipment to document the increased activity. These overnight events often yield chilling photographic and audio evidence.

Amateur ghost hunter Antonio described his experience: “My team captured multiple distinct voices during our EVP session on a late October ghost hunt. They seemed to respond directly to our questions. One deep gravelly voice said ‘Leave now!’ when we asked if they wanted us in the basement. It was crazy making actual verbal contact.”

Another hunter named Lauren told us: “I recorded nearly two hours of audio on the third floor near Halloween. When I reviewed it later, there was the faint sound of children laughing interspersed between random sections of dead silence. It still makes the hairs on my neck stand up listening to that recording.”

From personalized experiences like these, it’s clear the firehouse transforms into a paranormal playground in October. Booking a stay during the weeks preceding Halloween is ideal for thrill seekers wanting to witness unexplainable incidents. Brave souls who aren’t easily spooked should jump at the chance to conduct a late-night investigation when spectral activity runs rampant in the darkest corners and craziest hours. This is an exclusive opportunity to chase ghosts alongside the legendary Ghostbusters crew on their home turf.

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