Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France

Post Published September 12, 2023

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Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France - Luxurious Amenities in the Air France First Class cabin

Flying first class on Air France is an experience unlike any other. As soon as you step onboard, you are enveloped in luxury and comfort. Air France spares no expense in making their first class cabin an oasis in the skies. From your seat to the amenities, everything is designed for optimal relaxation and indulgence.

One of the most noticeable parts of an Air France first class ticket is the seating. The cabin is equipped with spacious, fully-flat seats that transform into comfortable beds. This makes it easy to get a full night's rest, arriving well-rested at your destination. The leather upholstery and adjustable cushions ensure you always find the perfect position. At the press of a button, privacy shields rise up for seclusion. There are even individual closets and storage space to keep your cabin clutter-free.

You'll enjoy amenities like luxury Bulgari amenity kits, cozy cotton pajamas, and comfy slippers. Inside the amenity kit, you'll find high-end skincare products, lip balm, and other toiletries to pamper yourself throughout the flight. The pajamas and slippers make it easy to relax and unwind.

Stay refreshed with Clarins lip balm, facial mist, moisturizer, and anti-fatigue eye care. Hydrating lip balm keeps your lips smooth and soft in the dry cabin air. The refreshing rose facial mist is revitalizing and hydrating. After a long flight, the moisturizer replenishes dehydrated skin while the eye cream tackles signs of fatigue.

Keep entertained with noise-canceling headphones and a large personal screen. The over-ear headphones block out cabin noise for uninterrupted music, movies, and more. You can choose from hundreds of entertainment options on the expansive touch screen. Adjust the swivel screen to the perfect viewing angle.

Stay connected through inflight WiFi and plenty of power outlets. Use the speedy connectivity to browse the web, send emails, or video chat with loved ones back home. With multiple accessible power outlets, you can easily charge all your devices.

Air France's first class cabin exudes French sophistication through every detail. The muted blue leather seats and woodgrain accents evoke timeless Parisian style. Thoughtful lighting creates a refined ambiance. You'll receive turndown service and cozy duvets for a good night's sleep.

The lavatory is almost like a private spa. There's extra space to move around, wood surfaces, soft lighting, and hotel-style towels. Treat yourself to luxurious Bulgari White Tea facial products. Apply the cleansing milk, softening lotion, and hydrating cream for a little self-care.

On long haul flights, Air France offers stylish loungewear so you can change into something fresh. The lightweight cotton shirt and pants feel cool against your skin. Stow your old clothes in the provided cotton shoe bag.

Stay hydrated with chilled bottles of Evian and Vittel water. Quench your thirst anytime with the refreshing mineral water. Before each meal service, flight attendants distribute refreshing scented towels. The verbena-scented cloth lets you freshen up and relax.

Air France's Flying Blue frequent flier program offers additional amenities in first class. Depending on your status tier, you can access airport lounges, priority services, upgrades, and other exclusive rewards. As a Diamond member, you may get lounge access, private airport transfers, bonus miles, and more indulgences.

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France - The Exceptional First Class Service on Air France

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France

The moment you step onboard an Air France first class flight, you become part of an exclusive experience characterized by highly personalized service and attention to every detail. From the friendly greeting at check-in to the heartfelt au revoir when disembarking, the staff make you feel like royalty.

One reason the service shines is the flight to crew ratio. With only four spacious first class suites, your flight attendant can devote serious time to understanding and exceeding your expectations. You're always within easy reach of the call button if you require any assistance. But more often than not, the proactive staff will check on you periodically to ensure you're comfortable.

The thoughtful crew gets to know your preferences from the start. Do you prefer sparkling or still water? Window shades open or closed? What newspapers or magazines interest you? By personalizing these small touches, they create a tailored experience. For instance, they'll remember how you take your coffee and have it prepared for you in the morning without having to ask.

Meal services truly highlight the bespoke attention you receive in Air France first class. White tablecloths and proper flatware transform your tray table into an elegant dining space. The menu selections constantly change to feature fresh, seasonal cuisine. You can preorder from an extensive menu if desired. But the chef will also happily whip up an off-menu dish on request. Expect flawless presentation with delicate garnishes and ornate plating.

The pace of service is entirely up to you. Dine leisurely over several hours or request an express single serving—either way your needs come first. If you're not feeling hungry when the trolley arrives, the flight attendant will gladly return later when it suits you. The staff aims to provide exactly what you want, when you want.

One traveler was touched when the attendant noticed they hadn't touched their starter course. When asked if they would prefer something else, the traveler admitted to feeling anxious as a nervous flyer. The caring crew member spent time chatting to provide reassurance throughout the flight. This thoughtfulness turned an uneasy journey into a pleasant one.

On overnight flights, the crew helps create an environment conducive to sound sleep. They'll convert your seat to a lie-flat bed, complete with cushy mattress pad, pillow, and duvet. With turndown service, enjoy returning from the lavatory to find your space transformed for sleep. The crew dims cabin lighting and takes care not to disturb your rest unless necessary. Sweet dreams come easy in the cocoon-like comfort of your suite.

While many airlines have cut back on amenities, Air France continues to go above and beyond in first class. Passengers consistently rave about the lavish in-flight experience. You'll be presented with pajamas, slippers, and designer amenity kits—yours to take home after landing. While aircraft restrooms are far from glamorous, Air France manages to provide a surprisingly luxurious lavatory experience. Find designer hand creams, refreshing facial mist, and more to pamper yourself at 36,000 feet.

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France - Delicious Dining Options in Air France First Class

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France

The dining experience is one of the most indulgent aspects of flying in Air France's First Class. While all airlines in premium cabins aim to provide restaurant-quality cuisine, Air France takes it a step further. The French flag carrier brings all the elegance and artistry of its renowned culinary scene to the skies.

As you sink into your leather-upholstered seat, white linen tablecloths transform the tray table into a sophisticated dining space. Sparkling stemware and proper flatware convey the refined experience to come. The extensive menu reads like a gastronomic tour of France's celebrated culinary regions. Expect dishes that highlight quality ingredients and masterful technique.

The menu rotates frequently to feature seasonal cuisine. Spring offerings include delicate asparagus, earthy morels, and sweet peas. Hearty root vegetables and wild game define the winter selections. Local delicacies like pan-seared foie gras or Brittany blue lobster tail make appearances. Chefs carefully balance textures, colors, and flavors in every artful presentation.

While Air France excels at haute cuisine, they also cater to individual tastes. Notify the airline ahead of time about dietary needs like vegetarian, kosher, or halal meals. Or speak to your flight attendant once onboard about food allergies or preferences. The accommodating staff aims to prepare bespoke dishes that satisfy every passenger. One grateful customer shared how the chef happily created an off-menu tomato and mozzarella salad when faced with limited vegetarian choices.

Food quality remains consistently top-notch, even after hours in the air. One reason is that Air France designed specialized onboard kitchens to replicate restaurant conditions. Meals are prepared individually to order, rather than mass-produced in advance. The galleys feature spaces for cooking, chilling, and steaming that lock in flavor and texture. One traveler was amazed their steak arrived cooked medium-rare with a perfect char—not dried out or overdone, as often happens on planes.

While you'll be tempted to order one of everything, pacing yourself is key. Courses progress leisurely, with time to enjoy and digest each selection. Start with a chilled glass of Champagne selected from an extensive wine list. Then comes the appetizer like velvety foie gras or plump langoustine. Next, choose your main course—options range from smoky rack of lamb to tender beef filet with truffle sauce. Finish by indulging in cheeses and dessert—perhaps a fruit tart with crème anglaise.

If that seems like too much food, order a single dish or skip courses. You set the pace. The accommodating crew returns periodically to clear plates and inquire if you're ready for the next item. Feel free to request small portions or even half servings. You can also ask for dishes not featured on the menu—the chef takes pride in preparing special requests.

While gastronomy plays a starring role, flawless service completes the experience. Crisp white linens and polished flatware transform your tray table into a refined dining space. Dishes arrive under gleaming cloches before simultaneous unveiling by synchronized attendants. Expect elegant accents like edible flower garnishes or inverted sauces poured tableside. One guest described the choreographed service as "performing a dance" due to the attention to detail.

With just four First Class suites, the thoughtful attendants devote serious time getting to know you. They'll quickly learn your preferences, like favorite beverages and go-to menu picks. You can also preorder dishes anytime between booking and 24 hours before departure. This works well for celebratory meals, when you crave a favorite food, or to ensure your top choice remains available.

Alongside the wine list, choose from a range of teas, aperitifs, liqueurs, and spirits—all included at no extra cost. Your flight attendant serves drinks like a seasoned sommelier. They'll share the background of premier grand cru wines and explain cheese pairings in depth. You can even request specific vintages like the Rothschild 1982. One oenophile described it as "talking wine with an educated friend."

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France - First Class Seats that Convert into Beds for Ultimate Comfort

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France

One of the most indulgent features of flying first class on Air France is the ability to fully recline your seat into a lie-flat bed. This capability allows you to sleep as soundly as you would in a luxury hotel bed, arriving refreshed at your destination. While business class travel often advertises lay-flat seating, first class takes relaxation to the next level. We’ll explore the comforts that set Air France’s first class sleeper seats apart.

As soon as you sink into the upholstered leather seat, you can feel the quality. Adjustable lumbar support, extendable leg and foot rests, and contoured headrests provide ergonomic comfort. At the touch of a button, the back lowers to a completely horizontal position. But unlike some "lie-flat" seats where your feet remain elevated, the entire body stretches out straight.

Thick, cushioned mattress pads create a plush sleeping surface. The cozy duvet blanket envelops you in softness, while the anti-slip bottom prevents it from riding up. The provided pillow feels substantial yet molds perfectly to your head and neck. One traveler said it was just "the right balance of firm and squishy." Everything combines to make it easy to drift off to sleep.

The suites ensure optimal privacy for resting. At the press of a button, partitions raise up to cocoon you in your own secluded space. Flight attendants will not disturb you except during essential service moments. Many travelers say they slept more soundly than they do at home. Without the engine noise and occasional bumps typical of air travel, you might briefly forget you're on an airplane.

The spacious, 52-58 inch wide seats leave ample room to change sleep positions. Rotate from back to side and adjust your arms and legs without restriction. Small touches like storage cubbies keep personal items from cluttering your sleep environment. Face the window and watch the sunset as you nod off. Or sleep facing inward for complete darkness. Control lighting adjustments for the perfect sleep ambiance.

Night owls can stay up watching movies on the large personal screen. But when you're ready for bed, your flight attendant swiftly transforms the seat with practiced finesse. They layer the memory foam pad, tuck in sheets, arrange pillows, and spread the duvet just right. Enjoy turndown service rivaling a five-star hotel room. One traveler was stunned when the flight attendant even added a second pillow without asking—the observant crew could tell two would provide more comfort.

On extra long hauls, quick mid-flight freshening is available. Notify your attendant ahead of time and they will gladly swap your linens and pajamas midway. This revival lets you wake rested and revived for the second half of your journey. No need to try sleeping another seven hours on a used pillowcase. Starting fresh helps extend the feeling of pampering.

One of the most thoughtful aspects is how the crew supports quality sleep. They monitor lighting and noise levels to minimize disturbances. Expect gentle conversations, fluid movements, and quiet latches. Things you'd never notice when awake feel soothing when trying to sleep. The attentive staff refrains from trivial chatter or clanking dishes.

Overnight service sequences also facilitate rest. The crew aims to conclude meal services at least 90 minutes prior to the typical sleep period. This allows time for digestion before reclining your seat. And breakfast isn't served until 30-60 minutes before landing. You choose how long you'd prefer to sleep undisturbed.

According to one Air France purser, "We train to provide an uninterrupted, hotel-like sleeping experience. Comfort is always the priority." This commitment to rest is evident through every personalized interaction. For instance, one attendant noticed a passenger tossing and turning while trying to sleep. She discreetly approached and offered ear plugs, a sleep mask, and neck pillow—which allowed the passenger finally relax. It's this degree of care that makes Air France first class beds heavenly.

Living the High Life: An Inside Look at Flying First Class on Air France - First Class Lounge Access for Air France First Class Passengers

One of the most coveted perks of booking an Air France first class ticket is access to the airline's exclusive lounges. These luxurious sanctuaries provide an oasis of calm and indulgence before your flight.

The Air France First Lounge concept focuses on intimate spaces with personalized service. You'll never feel crammed in or rushed. Attendants get to know you by name and cater to your individual needs. Expect premium amenities, well-crafted drinks, seasonal menus curated by renowned chefs, and rituals to help you decompress.

There are just four First Lounges located at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, New York JFK, Singapore Changi Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. Their discreet locations keep the rooms exclusive. No long check-in lines – the private welcome desk whisks you straight to the lounge.

Once inside, sink into a leather armchair and soak up the refined French interior design. Art Deco accents, muted blue hues, and elegant materials like marble reflect Air France's signature classic yet contemporary style. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light. If you prefer privacy, sheltered enclaves provide seclusion.

Expect amenities more akin to a spa than an airport. Refresh in the rain showers with designer toiletries. Apply hydrating creams and facial mists from luxury French brands like Sisley and Clarins. For gentlemen, shaving kits and hair styling products deliver pampering touches. Change into the provided cotton loungewear between flights.

Personal assistants tend graciously to your needs. Request items like chargers, reading materials, or neck pillows and they'll deliver promptly. Need a shoe shine after a long journey? The shoe valet gladly obliges. Scope out the expansive buffets showcasing charcuterie, cheeses, patisserie treats, and more. Sommeliers talk you through exquisite wine pairings.

While the food looks almost too lovely to eat, it also tastes incredible. Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Lallement designs rotating seasonal menus for the Paris lounge. You'll find indulgences like velvety burrata with heirloom tomatoes or crispy suckling pig with black truffle sauce. At New York JFK's lounge, dishes feature local ingredients and inspiration - think Maine lobster salad or dry aged New York strip steak.

Got a long layover? Request a multi-course tasting to fill the time. Need a quick bite? Opt for grab and go light bites like croque monsieurs. With personalized dining, the chefs prepare whatever you crave. One gluten-free traveler was pleasantly surprised when the attendant had a custom salad waiting that matched their dietary needs.

Looking to unwind? Treat yourself to a spa service like a neck and shoulder massage or condensed facial. There's even designated relaxation areas should you need to sneak in a disco nap. Preflight rituals get you ready to take on a long haul flight. The oxygen bar helps boost energy levels while hydrating facials counter the drying effects of cabin air.

If you need to get work done, the lounge provides plenty of workspace - both communal and private. Expect speedy WiFi, abundant power outlets, noise-canceling headphones, and office supplies. Print documents at the business center. Book a private workstation for video conferences free from background noise. Many road warriors cite the desk spaces and productivity perks as highlights.

Access varies slightly based on your Flying Blue elite status tier. Flying Blue Elite Silver members receive a complimentary 3 hour pass when traveling in Business or First Class. Gold, Platinum and Diamond members enjoy unlimited access. If you're not an elite member, you can purchase a lounge visit starting at 60 euros for 3 hours. Arrive early to maximize your time in this refined space.

While each First Lounge has its own flair, the pinnacle is Paris Charles de Gaulle's La Première lounge. This intimate, reservations-only escape offers the ultimate pre-flight pampering. Just 80 guests at a time enjoy unmatched luxury. Expect private suites, lavish menus, and virtually anything your heart desires. One visitor noted, "I didn't want to leave - it truly felt like a high-end spa.

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