Become An Uber Driver – get a $1,540 Sign-Up Bonus!

Post originally Published November 17, 2022 || Last Updated November 18, 2022 @ Torsten Jacobi

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If you love travel and working remotely, becoming an Uber Driver is a great way to earn while you travel, or to work and save up for your next big trip. As long as you meet the requirements to become an Uber driver, the company will welcome you with open arms, making it a great way to earn extra money, launch a new career, or just to do something different in your spare time.

As a new Uber driver, you’re entitled to a signup bonus, which can add significantly to your income in the early days. Mighty Travels has got its hands on one of the best Uber driver sign-up bonuses out there, guaranteeing a massive $1,540 after the first 100 trips. Let’s find out more.

An amazing Uber driver sign-up bonus

Since January this year, Uber’s sign-up bonus can vary based on the demand and time of year. However, all brand-new Uber drivers can usually access a bonus on starting their job, which is generally paid after achieving a target number of rides within a set period of time.

The terms and conditions of this offer can also fluctuate, but generally, the Uber sign-up bonus is payable after 50 – 200 rides are completed in the first month. Amounts typically range from $500 up to $1000, but we’ve got our hands on a code that will pay you a generous $1,540.

The terms of our Uber driver bonus are better than the average too. You only have to make 100 trips to qualify. To unlock this incredible offer, just click the link below:

I just invited you to drive with Uber. Sign up and earn $1,540, guaranteed, after completing your first 100 trips. See how.

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  3. Requirements to become an Uber driver
  4. Boosting your Uber earnings

How to sign up to be an Uber driver and claim your bonus

To get started, just visit the link above, which will take you to a sign up page that looks like this:

Hit the ‘sign up’ button to be taken to the next step, where you’ll be asked to fill in your email address or telephone number. To check you’re using a valid email address or phone number, the site will send a code via email or text to confirm your access.

Next, simply select where you’d like to start driving. The referral code (to access the $1,540 Uber driver sign-up bonus) will populate automatically thanks to the link you followed at the start. On the following screen, you’ll need to select the sort of driving you want to do for the service – in the UK, you need a PHV or Taxi license to drive, but can sign up with a view to securing this before starting work).

Next, you’ll need to upload a bunch of documents, depending on where you live. In the UK, this includes the DVLA-issued license, both the counterpart (electronic) and the plastic card, a bank statement, and the Private Hire Driver's License. You also need to complete an Uber learning session, and can book in-person support with your application if needs be.

It might seem like a lot when you first apply, but remember, this is a freelance job for one of the biggest rideshare companies in the world, and could be a whole new career for you. Even if you’re only looking to drive for Uber part-time to supplement your earnings, it’s certainly worth the effort to get approved for the flexibility and earnings potential you’ll unlock.

Requirements to become an Uber driver

There are some limitations on who can become an Uber driver, and they can sometimes vary by location. However, for the main part the essential requirements are the same around the world. For example:

  • Access to the Uber app

  • A private hire license from the local council

  • A suitable vehicle

  • A smartphone or tablet

  • A bank account

  • A driving license

There are also age restrictions in some locations; for example, in the UK you have to be a minimum of 21 years old to drive for Uber. For some cities, the company likes you to have had several years of experience in driving around – for London, it’s three years.

Become An Uber Driver – get a $1,540 Sign-Up Bonus!

The most complicated part of these requirements is to get the Private Hire Driver License – this is only required in the UK, and Uber assists new drivers in securing this documentation. For the US, drivers will be expected to provide proof of residency, insurance and a valid license.

The car you drive will need to be suitable for the city in which you wish to work. Uber requires all cars to have four doors and, obviously, to be road legal. In London, as an example, cars should not be older than 2008, but this requirement varies by city.

Boosting your Uber earnings

As well as having the opportunity to earn a fantastic Uber driver sign-up bonus, committed Uber drivers will have various other earnings-boosting opportunities available to them. Right now, for drivers in the USA, the Uber Quest is live, offering opportunities to earn bonus payments for completing certain tasks.

The current Uber Quest offers an additional $100 for 100 rides operated in a week. There is also a monthly bonus, offering $200 extra for 200 trips in a month. These promotions change, and are usually only applicable during peak hours.

In the UK, most bonuses work on a points-based system. Like tiers with airline mileage programs, you can earn status the more you drive. Blue Uber is the base level, which will get you access to various incentives, including gym membership, fuel discounts, and discounts on tires. As you move up the ranks to Gold and then Platinum, you’ll unlock more benefits, including free MOTs, business support services, and roadside assistance.

The Holy Grail of Uber status is Uber Diamond, which gives maximum benefits and discounts. To qualify, you have to do a lot of driving, most of it at peak times. Ratings are a big help, so delivering excellent customer service is paramount.

Become An Uber Driver – get a $1,540 Sign-Up Bonus!

That customer service rule goes for drivers working anywhere in the world, and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost your earnings. Riders are able to rate you and to leave a tip, so make them feel awesome and you could soon be racking up additional income with gratuities from your passengers.

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