Brex – bank account alternative that you need to know about – now earn $250 when you sign up

Written and Published July 18, 2021

Brex started out as a business credit card start-up. They have innovated the way you apply for a business credit card, and they continue to offer alternatives to traditional banking!

What makes Brex stand out?

Brex was founded in 2017 in San Francisco by Pedro Franceschi and his partner Henrique Dubugras. Before venturing out and creating the successful Brex, the two young men worked on other startups together. Dubugras and Franceschi first launched the payments platform which was rather short-lived. After that, they tried their luck with a virtual reality start-up ‘Beyond’. After coming up with Brex the two were launched into success. The idea behind their business model comes from their personal struggle to get a business card. Their goal is to change the way traditional banking works and so far they are making it work.

From their website:
You don’t need separate bank accounts, credit cards, and expense software if you have Brex. Make deposits, payments, and tracking easy—with no minimums, no transaction fees, and no limits.

Brex is always innovating, and recently they added Brex Cash to their portfolio!

What is Brex Cash?

Brex Cash is a bank account alternative, a cash management account that provides you with the tools necessary to deposit cash and use it to run your business. Brex Cash provides you with domestic and international wire transfers, the ability to send checks, built-in spend management tools, and a Brex credit card. Best of all, there are no transaction or account fees! The Brex Credit Card has automatic daily payments to spend funds and earn rewards, unlike the majority of the traditional credit cards.

How To Apply For Brex Cash?

Brex Cash has a very simple and fast application process. All you need to do is go to the official Brex website here and select ‘Open account’. Once you do this, some basic information like Name, E-mail, and password will be needed for your account.

When you finish setting up basic information you will need to input some information about your business like the company name, type, and website. If your application is approved, you’ll get an answer within minutes and you can immediately start using your account!

You can open your Brex Cash account here!