European Countries Are Implementing The Digital COVID Certificate

Written and Published June 4, 2021

Following the news and updates around the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines were forced to suspend or reduce their daily operations. Unfortunately, many countries had to introduce some stricter entry requirements as well. We have the latest information to help you plan your next trip with ease! This week we saw several European countries implementing the Digital COVID Certificate, making it easier to travel!

European Countries Are Implementing The Digital COVID Certificate

EU Implementing The Digital COVID Certificate

Back in March, the European Commission proposed that member nations issue Digital COVID Certificates to EU residents who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, had recovered from the virus, or that test negative. The 27 EU member states have agreed on all key amendments to the Digital COVID Certificate proposal, in hopes of easing travel between the member states. These certificates will use QR codes to provide digital proof that a person has either recovered from COVID-19, been fully vaccinated, or received a negative test result. People will be able to use this certificate across all the EU states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. On June 1, the European Commission announced that the Digital COVID Certificate, is now live, and seven EU Countries have already started using it!

The seven EU countries using the COVID certificate are:








European Countries Are Implementing The Digital COVID Certificate

Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, said in the official press release:
The EU Digital COVID Certificate provides European citizens with a common tool to allow them to move freely and safely again. It showcases Europe's technological leadership in full respect of our values and principles: data protection, inclusiveness, and proportionality. It is important that all Member States use the next weeks to get fully ready, so the system will be fully up and running on 1 July.

The EU council stressed that the Digital Green Certificate is not a precondition to travel and it is not a travel document, in order to prevent discrimination against non-vaccinated people. We will certainly see more and more European countries issuing digital health certificates in the coming days and weeks. The EU Digital COVID Certificate website will offer a list of countries that are issuing the certificate with regular updates!