Why You Should Subscribe to Mighty Travels Basic

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals around the world Mighty Travels has you covered! Stay updated with the latest in flight and hotel deals every day. With limited destination options this summer because of the travel restrictions, Mighty Travels can help you plan out your vacation stress-free.

What does the Basic Mighty Travels Subscription Offer You?

The subscription to Mighty Travels is a great resource for anyone who loves to travel, whether you are a frequent flyer or a casual tourist. Subscribe to Mighty Travels and get updated with the best hotel and airfare deals on the market! You can choose between Mighty Travels Basic, Mighty Travels Premium Monthly and Mighty Travels Premium Yearly Subscription. There are a lot of additional perks to our paid subscriptions, but all our Mighty Travels Basic subscribers can find interesting deals for airfare and hotel stays with no monthly fees included. Never worry about planning your trip and budgeting again! You can also try our Premium option for one month for FREE! Start planning with Mighty Travels and make that dream trip you always wished for come true. Visit your dream destinations, explore sights and exotic foods, all within your budget. After you subscribe you will gain access to our user-friendly dashboard. With this subscription option, you will be provided only with Economy cabin class fares. These fares are updated daily for your airport, make sure you never miss out on a good deal again! Members can also find unpublished Economy Class deals from anywhere and gain access to some very good deals that are usually hard to come by! Another perk of the Mighty Travels Basic subscription is access to a limited number of individually recommended deals, just for our subscribers! Gain insight into mileage earning, cancellation policy and award ticket prices with ease with a subscription to Mighty Travels Basic, all for FREE!

Why is Mighty Travels Premium better?

With Mighty Travels Premium Monthly, you can find the best deals for any cabin class including unpublished Premium Cabin Class deals from anywhere. You will get access to the best deals around the world. You will also get access to the Mighty Travels Deals user-friendly dashboard that can assist you with anything! A monthly subscription to Mighty Travels Premium is just $7.99 per month! If you are considering subscribing to Mighty Travels Premium our yearly subscription is the best option for you! Like the monthly subscription, you will get access to the best flight and hotel deals anywhere in the world, full access to our user-friendly dashboard, and even a real-time deal tracker! However, if you choose our yearly subscription you will get a free subscription option! If you invite your friends to join Mighty Travels Premium you will be granted $6 in credits towards your annual fee for any friend who takes a free trial! Mighty Travels Premium is $58 per year, which is just $4.81 per month! With a yearly subscription to Mighty Travels Premium, you can also participate in our affiliate program and earn yourself a FREE subscription. If you invite your friends to join Mighty Travels Premium you will be granted $5 in credits towards your annual fee for any friend who takes an active trial. You can apply for this credit once per year to lower your annual subscription fee and save some money along the way. You can easily track your progress on the Mighty Travels Premium affiliate dashboard. All of the subscription options come with a 30-day FREE trial so you can see why Mighty Travels is the best option for you! Subscribe here and start your FREE trial now!