Lufthansa Business Class Review A319 Munich (MUC) to Athens (ATH)

Written and Published October 14, 2020

After a relaxing few hours at the Lufthansa Business Class lounge, we made our way to the gate. As the evening progressed the crowds had dissipated and the airport seemed very empty - the only busy gates seemed to be the flights to Stockholm and Athens.

Lufthansa Business Class Review A319 Munich (MUC) to Athens (ATH)

Greece requires a contact tracing form (which can be filled out online) and there was a dedicated agent that checked that everyone had that form filled out before boarding was possible.

Our flight to Athens showed as fully booked and the Economy cabin was 100% full and just 1 seat stayed empty in Business Class. As with our prior flight it seemed that the Business Class cabin was mostly taken over by children which made up 50% of the passengers in Business Class this evening.

Lufthansa Business Class Review A319 Munich (MUC) to Athens (ATH)

Boarding took a long time for this A319 but since there is no traffic taxing or runway wait - we took off right on time.

After a few bumps going to 10,000 feet we encountered some major turbulence about 10 minutes later. Cabin service stopped and we got a major shakedown over the Alps this evening.

Once it had settled the cabin attendants tried their best to get the meals out but the constant turbulence got in the way again.

The food looked rather delicious once served and I was happy to eat. However, looks can be deceiving and I found the taste extremely salty and just off otherwise.

Lufthansa Business Class Review A319 Munich (MUC) to Athens (ATH)

Anyways we had another drink and the cabin was very quiet since it was past 10 PM local time.

We arrived 15 minutes late despite our punctual start caused by all the zig-zagging over the Alps.

We expected some major interrogation and to show our COVID test - but no such thing was required. There was a quick check if we had filled out the contact tracing form and that was it. Seconds later we were on the way to the bus station to get to our hotel.

The first impression of Greece - masks are VERY optional and there seemed to be a general easygoing approach towards the whole COVID drama. More about that soon!