Avvisi sulle offerte sugli hotel con Mighty Travels Premium

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If you’re looking for a website that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals around the world Mighty Travels Premium has you covered! Stay updated with the latest in flight and hotel deals every day. With limited destination options this summer because of the travel restrictions, Mighty Travels Premium can help you plan out your vacation stress-free. Start traveling the way you always dreamed of with a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium. You can also get one month of free access to Mighty Travels Premium.

Hotel Deal Alerts with Mighty Travels Premium

Mighty Travels Premium Hotel Deal Alerts

After you subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium and find the best possible deal for your flight, you can search your hotel. You can search hotel deals exclusive for Mighty Travels Subscribers by several categories. Mighty Travels Premium gives you the option to search hotel deals by property name, destination, stars that the hotel offers and you can even put in your price range.

Hotel Deal Alerts with Mighty Travels Premium

You can set up your notifications to receive more than just flight deals. After you subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium, go to the ‘Hotels’ tab. Here you can subscribe to hotel deals at a certain location. For example, you can subscribe to hotel deals in New York and be notified every time there is a good hotel at that location! Mighty Travels Premium will send you one email per day with the best hotel deals matching your subscription! If you want to remove a certain city from your subscription you can go to the ‘Notification’ tab and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find the list of all the hotels you are subscribed to. In order to unsubscribe simply press the checkbox under the name of the city!

To set up the service and find mistake fares, you’ll need to go to Mighty Travels Premium and click Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial. After that, you can subscribe for $7.99 per month, or if you choose our yearly subscription – only $4.81 per month