Get Notifications for Specific Destinations with Mighty Travels Premium

If you're looking for a website that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals around the world Mighty Travels Premium has you covered! Stay updated with the latest in flight and hotel deals every day. You can also get one month of free access to Mighty Travels Premium. Start traveling the way you always dreamed of with a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium. With limited destination options this summer because of the travel restrictions, Mighty Travels Premium can help you plan out your vacation stress-free. Get Notifications for Specific Destinations with Mighty Travels Premium

How To Get Notifications for Specific Destinations

Subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium and get real-time alerts for best deals as they come. If you have a holiday in mind, you just don't know where to start or you don't have the time to plan your trip, Mighty Travels Premium subscription is perfect for you. We can also provide you with some tips for our notifications options. Get Notifications for Specific Destinations with Mighty Travels Premium If you already know where you will be traveling this year but want to make your trip as budget-friendly as possible we have the perfect setup for you! You can set up your Mighty Travels Premium subscription to receive the best deals from your home airport to destinations you intend on visiting. First, we suggest you filter your search according to your departure. You can add your home airport, nearby airports, or your region. This should include all airports you can travel from or your region if you have no specific airport in mind. After that, you should set up your destination filter. You should add the airports or regions you intend on visiting! However, if you have a more flexible schedule you can just leave the destination filter empty and receive even more deals. Mighty Travels Premium will alert you whenever there is a good deal! Start enjoying these perks, subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium, and save time while planning your next trip. To set up the service and find mistake fares and best airfare and hotel deals, you'll need to go to Mighty Travels Premium and click Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial. After that, you can subscribe for $7.99 per month or if you choose our yearly subscription – only $4.81 per month