Why this is the best time for booking travel (even if you end up not making the trip)

Written and Published March 21, 2020

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Why this is the best time for booking travel (even if you end up not making the trip)

Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Traveling with Mighty Travels Premium

More and more countries are in lockdown. Among them are Spain, Poland, Italy and more. Also, Canada is asking its citizens to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice. As the coronavirus continues to infect more people across the globe, and tourism is greatly affected, it's becoming very difficult and unsafe to travel. That does not mean that in a few months the situation will stay the same.

Many airlines are introducing some perks for passengers that have flights booked and are unable to fly. However, good news is that many airlines are also trying to encourage new bookings by allowing no fee changes and some offer free cancellations on future travel, which is a really good thing.

Airfares have dropped across the board but some fares (including Business Class fares up to 90% off) have been spectacularly good the last two weeks.

The information regarding COVID-19 and travel is changing daily, and the most important thing is to stay safe if you decide to travel.

We do expect travel restrictions to get worse before they get better. However we are hopeful that travel will become more unrestricted by fall 2020 and winter 2020. Most airlines let you book amazing deals for these dates - RIGHT NOW. In many cases (if not most) dates can be changes for free (even if the price increases for this fare) and often cancellation is free. However each airline has their own refund procedure (some are limited, some offer travel credits, some offer full refunds against a fee)

Mistake Fares with Mighty Travels Premium

Another bonus to using Mighty Travels Premium you should keep in mind is that we will regularly inform you about Mistake Fares. Mistake Fares are fares accidentally published by airlines that are significantly lower than their typical price for that route. If you manage to book a Mistake Fare you can fly in business class for the price of economy. When you receive your Mistake fare Mighty Travels Premium will give you the option to book it instantly. With the ongoing travel restrictions and airline updates, you will most likely have the option to cancel the booking for free if the situation does not improve before the date of your flight. So always stay updated and find the cheapest prices on the market with Mighty Travels Premium.

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