TSA announced changes to the Known Crewmember Program

Posted on August 26, 2019 by in Travel Deals, Travel News

Known Crewmember Program allows airline crew members to access a separate security line at TSA airport screening points where they can just show their ID and go on their way without being subjected to the usual checks like walking through a metal detector or having their bags searched. TSA has announced a few changes to this program.


Known Crewmember Program

Known Crewmember allows select airline crews to enter the sterile area of the airport without undergoing a security screening. You might see a Known Crewmember checkpoint near the exit to the TSA checkpoint, as those who are registered just have to present their airline ID and government-issued ID, and then can walk right into the terminal through the exit. Some people were fine with this. Thinking that if we trust them to fly our planes we should not worry about what they bring on board. Others were more concerned, thinking that a lack of checking could eventually lead to a security breach.

TSA Changes to Known Crewmember Program

Changes that TSA implemented are that crew members must be in uniform when accessing the Known Crew Member lane with no exceptions. Airline employees are allowed to use the checkpoint even when they’re not working. Airline employees view this policy change as a huge nuisance. If they want to use the checkpoint they’ll now have to change into their uniform, and then can change out of it right afterward.

Also, the random screening process will be used more often. If they’re selected for screening and then choose not to go through security, they can’t just go through another security checkpoint to avoid it.

The change has led to the Association of Flight Attendants wondering whether the sudden policy shift could be the result of a possible threat. The fact that this change was issued with so little notice and over a weekend, is making a lot of people wonder if there’s a specific threat that’s causing this policy change.