Holiday Inn Belgrade Review

Posted on August 16, 2019 by in Travel Deals

The Holiday Inn Belgrade is located in ‘Novi Belgrade’ a part of town with a rather mixed history but lot’s of new developments (and
buildings).  The local ‘Uber-like’ service gets you to town for under $4 or it is a 45 minute walk.

The hotel looks rather new from the outside but is pretty old from the inside. In fact, the lobby was being renovated when I stayed.

Check-in happened in the temporary setup in the conference room area. It all looked very happenstance but things moved swiftly.

The room itself was in decent shape despite its visible age. I loved the inaudible AC that held the room at a steady 69 degrees despite the 110 degrees outside. I loved the Internet even more as it fast blazingly fast at 100 Mbit – amazing!

I found the shower to be convoluted and tripped more than once – there was so much clutter and things that did not work which made every shower an adventure. If you shower drunk here – you die.

Maybe it was bad luck but my room neighbors of four days seemed loud – there seemed not much in the way of noise insulation. However, the busy road and construction site outside was never really audible.

The bed was extremely soft and rather uncomfortable.

I thought the staff did their best (but was often overwhelmed) with the aging hardware. The superb air-conditioning and blazingly fast Internet were a real treat. I’d come back!

3.5 / 5 stars