The TOP 20 Reasons why you should start your free trial with Mighty Travels Premium

Written and Published April 19, 2019

The TOP 20 Reasons why you should start your free trial with Mighty Travels Premium

Mighty Travels Premium is your proactive travel companion and it is awesome if you are looking to see the world in style, want to do mileage runs, monitor fares for certain city pairs or if you are a digital nomad. The subscription to Mighty Travels Premium is a great resource for anyone who loves to travel, and you can get access to the best hotel and airfare deals on the market!

Here's why subscribers love Mighty Travels Premium.

1) With Mighty Travels Premium's Airfare and Hotel search engine you get the best deals available in the next 365 days. So before you book somewhere else make sure you get to see the best possible deal.

2) Mighty Travels Premium grants you access to Curated Alerts exclusive for subscribers. This is a great way to get an overview of all of the different flight deals that people are finding.

3) Screen nearby airports with ease. We allow searches up to eleven thousand miles in nearby airports. No other airfare search engine provides that. You can even search every airport on a whole continent in two seconds!

4) Mighty Travels Premium is independent and does not get commissions for any deals. We provide independent advice without steering you towards high commission players.

5) Get real-time notifications for mistake fares (incl. Business and First Class flights for a fraction of their value) directly to your email or via text. It is estimated that you can save anywhere between 50% and 90% with a Mistake Fare.

6) Find luxurious 5 Star hotels all around the world - often under $50 per night. Mighty Travels Premium gives you the option to search hotel deals by property name, destination, stars that the hotel offers, and best of all – the price range.

7) Get inspired with hundreds of original airline, destination, and hotel reviews.

8) Plan trips for you and your friends that you never thought you can afford.

9) We now help you to use hotel points and airline miles for the best possible value.

10) Mighty Travels Premium is fast - it just takes two seconds or less per search.

11) Get 24-hour support from our team of seasoned travel experts.

12) Don't pay for a deal service that sends you only a few alerts a month (often just 'lifted' from Internet forums). You can access 150,000 deals at any time on our dashboard. We continuously update deals for three thousand airports in the US and internationally.

13) Avoid the stress and plan out your flight in advance

14) Let's face it, we all love a lie-flat seat, great lounges, and excellent service. Premium Cabin fares are our lifeblood and what made us famous.

15) Just by booking one deal our subscribers save a minimum of $190 per ticket.

16) It's personal - use it in your currency and your local markets. We also personalize what we send you once you start using the platform.

17) You can get access to our real-time deal tracker! The deal tracker helps you to set custom alerts based on the searches you previously made so you never miss a good deal.

18) Mighty Travels Premium estimates how many miles or points you would need or how much you would earn for each flight on different loyalty programs.

19) With a yearly subscription to Mighty Travels Premium, you can participate in our affiliate program and earn a FREE subscription.

20) All of the subscription options come with a 30-day FREE trial so you can see why Mighty Travels Premium is the best option for you!

Never miss a great airfare or a hotel deal again!

It's just $4.81 per month. Start your 30-day FREE Trial for Mighty Travels Premium now.