Speed, Speed, Speed & Hotels Deals are back- Mighty Travels Premium Release 3.6

Posted on March 26, 2019 by in Travel Deals

During the last two weeks we have upgraded to Version 3.6 of Mighty Travels Premium. Here’s what’s new:

1) Real Time Deal Trackers

We have renamed the Custom Search Alerts to Deal Trackers. But it is much more than a name change – we are now receiving fare date LIVE and you can make any ‘Deal Tracker’ Real Time.

In addition you can assign names to your Deal Trackers. It all happens under Notifications in Dashboard.

2) Shorter Update Cycles

We have much improved our algorithms and get new data every few minutes that is saved into dashboard and used for ‘Real Time’ notifications.

3) Hotel Deals (Beta)

Due the popular request, we have brought back ‘Hotel Deals’ that provide you with inspiration and good hotel deals worldwide. We analyze hotel rates continuously and highlight them when they are unusually cheap (70% or more off average rates). So far we have only included major chains and select 5-Star properties. We are working to extend the coverage as we go along.

Try it out in the Dashboard.

4) Mistake fares – broader targeting

We realized that ‘mistake fare’ alerts aren’t going out to as wide a user group as we want – we are experimenting with a broader targeting for such 90% off deals.

5) Plenty of Bug Fixing

We have fixed a number of bugs incl:

– issues toggling notifications on/off in Dashboard

– issues with certain emails/ SMS not being sent for some users

– several fixes for iPad compatibility

Please let us know what you think.

Happy Travels!