Give the gift of Travel / Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) 3.0 Release / Mighty Travels Premium for Hotels?

Posted on December 13, 2018 by in Travel Deals

Give the gift of Travel

Give the gift of exclusive travel deals to your friends and loved ones with Mighty Travels Premium (MTP). For just $59 per year they will get the best travel deals on the planet incl. Business and First Class deals right to their email and phone.

To sign up for your friends simply use a spare email of yours and choose the yearly subscription ($59) and pay with your credit card. To change emails/ phone numbers simply email us at premium – at

Every subscription comes with a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL (we won’t charge for 30 days).

Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) 3.0 Release – What’s new?

As a reminder Mighty Travels Premium’ powerful airfare analysis already comes with:

– ALL the deals in Economy/ Business/ Premium Economy and First Class
– thousands of deals every day
– search by country, region, city and many more
– define unlimited nearby airports (up to thousands of miles)
– sort by marketing alliance
– super fast search time under 2 seconds
– access to destination information for cities and trusted, hand-selected reviews for most airlines
– direct booking links via all major OTAs and Meta Search engines

Mileage Earning per Deal

We now including an estimate of miles that you can earn for all flights for each deal.

We list the all programs that allow you to earn miles and suggest the program with the highest earn ratio for your flight. The difference between program can be 100% or more for the same exact flight taken.

We provide links to the specific frequent flyer program so you can double check the earnings.

Additionally you can now search by earn rate i.e. give me any deal that earns Delta Skymiles at a rate of 100% or better

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Fleet Information

We include fleet information based on cabin class and carrier. This gives you an easy way to see how each aircraft in the carrier fleet is equipped (i.e. with lie-flat seats), WiFi, power outlets and more.

Baggage/ Carry-On Allowance

For each deal we now provide guidance what baggage is allowed on board or as checked bag. If possible we also list bag fees.

In any case we include the direct link to the carrier’s website for baggage policy information.

Change fees and refundability

We now include information for most deals if a fare can be refunded and what fees (penalties) apply for a refund and/or change of dates.

Skytrax Ranking

Skytrax Rankings are driven by passenger feedback. 5 Star Skytrax ranked airlines have done well with passengers. We now include each airline’s Skytrax ranking for all our search results. You can also use the Skytrax ranking as a search input.

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Historic Deal Prices

For each deal we now include historic prices (based on our own analysis) based on 446,454 routes and billions of data points. Historic prices are meant to provide a guidance to find out if you should buy or wait for a better deal.

Archive of Curated Alerts

We send curated Alerts every day to subscribers with the best deals. You can now access the whole archive of curated Alerts via the dashboard.

Find my Zone/ Show Fleet

We made it easier to find out what zone our airport is in and if your flight will have inflight entertainment, power outlets and WiFi.

New notifications via Email & SMS

We have made some changes to notifications. We now send all notifications (incl. all curated alerts) per Email unless we think a deal will go away within minutes/ hours whereas we will also send a Text/SMS as well to your registered phone number.

Various Bugs

We fixed a number of bugs in Version 3.0. Thanks again for your feedback!

Still to come

We are still working on a feature that allows you to receive an unlimited amount of custom searches every day via email (in addition to the existing analysis we provide via daily emails). This feature wasn’t ready for this release. We hope to have it in Version 3.1 soon.

Feature Requests

Would you like to see Mighty Travels analysis that we do for airfares for hotels (4 and 5 star) as well? If so what would be your ‘dream features’?

What other features would you like to see at Mighty Travels Premium (MTP)? Email us at premium|at|

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