Sneak Preview – Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) Version 3.0 coming soon – These are the new features

Posted on November 1, 2018 by in Mighty Travels Premium

The Mighty Travels Team is working hard behind the scenes to launch Version 3.0.

As a Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) subscriber you may have noticed that the amount of deals we feature has shot up from ~45,000 to ~200,000 now. We are working with a wider berth of fares and are updating them more often. We also continuously improve our coverage for our 20-40 curated deals we send out every day.

Here are some of the new features for Version 3.0:

– Mileage earning will now show for each deal incl. filters for mileage earning (i.e. “…give me all deals that earn with Aegean Airlines Miles & Bonus)

– detailed cabin layout information (incl. lie-flat indicators)

– new country destination filter (i.e. show me all flights from China to Poland)

– information for change fees and if a ticket is refundable (and for what fee)

– Search and filter by Skytrax ranking (i.e. only Skytrax 5 Star airlines)

– improved UI

– detailed checked bags/ carry-on information for each deal incl. bag fees

– unlimited automated notifications (instead of one dashboard search)

– support for RSS feeds to bookmark searches and receive change notifications (i.e. subscribe to searches via external services like IFTTT)

And much more.

To check out how it works currently – START YOUR FREE TRAIL for Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) now.