Lifemiles now a 1:1 American Express Membership Rewards member, Boeing issues safety bulletin to B737MAX operator, 10,000 bonus points for IHG Rewards members for a two night stays

Posted on November 8, 2018 by in Travel Deals

American Express Membership Rewards is adding Avianca Lifemiles as a 1:1 partner

Lifemiles has long been leveraging their Star Alliance access for rewards tickets (something US Airways used to do). It’s great to see them available via American Express (and not just Citibank) for US customers now.

Keep in mind that you can always buy some miles when booking a ticket. The Lifemiles engine is somewhat quirky but if a flight shows up it’s super easy to book.

Boeing has issued a safety bulletin for operators of the 737 MAX after the devastating Lion Air in Indonesia

Since we had so many plane crashes in the past where an aircraft was brought into a stall the computers have largely taken over and push the nose down automatically. But what happens when several of the input variables to measure this are wrong?

This whole discovery gives me an odd feeling about my Ethiopian Airlines B737 MAX flight today.

– IHG Rewards Club has a list of (mostly US) hotels that can earn you 10,000 bonus points for a two night stay