Malaysia Airlines ‘gives away’ Oneworld Emerald for $1,935, Etihad still gives away millions, Alitalia to be ‘given away’ to Lufthansa? and Air Tahiti 787’s arrive

Posted on October 9, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Etihad isn’t done throwing money at rather unhappy airlines and is ‘giving away’ $35 million to Jet Airways (Review)

– the Italian government is deciding soon if they can survive ‘giving away’ Alitalia to Lufthansa

– Air Tahiti Nui has received their first 787 but no; award seats in Business Class are currently not ‘giving away’

– Malaysia Airlines has an excellent promotion where they ‘give away’ status with their lovely 3x miles promotion for any fare that is booked and operated by Malaysia Airlines

Select Malaysia Airlines Business Class fares (typically Z fares) can be had for around 10 Cents per Mile. With this promotion this means you only pay 3.3 cents per mile flown (often in lie-flat Business Class).

We currently have a number of such fares in the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard (Free Trial available). With just $1,935 in fares you can get to Oneworld Emerald (100,000 qualifying miles needed) and use the First Class lounges for any Oneworld flight at any airport (even if you fly Economy).