awesome AMEX spend bonuses, Copa Business Class goes lie-flat, Hawaiian launches Boston flights, will there be a new European LCC?, cheaper Singapore Airlines Business Class awards, Flying Blue now books Air Tahiti Nui

Posted on September 19, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– American Express is sending put spend bonus offers for their Gold cards (Personal and Business)

My offer is for 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards Points after $5k spend and another 10,000 bonus points after another $5k spend. I think this is a great offer.

– Copa airline sis finally introducing a competitive lie-flat Business Class seat

The seat is installed on the 737 MAX planes about to be delivered to the airline in the next weeks. Thankfully the long flights to the US will get the new planes first. However the roll-out will not be even and equipment will change at any time.

Award availability for Copa is usually very good – let’s hope it stays that way. Last week I booked a COPA Business Class flight from Las Vegas – looks like I will miss the new seats?

Panama City – Bogota 03OCT18
Panama City – Boston 21DEC18
Panama City – Cancun 10DEC18
Panama City – Cartagena 03OCT18
Panama City – Cordoba 08DEC18
Panama City – Havana 06DEC18
Panama City – Las Vegas 29DEC18
Panama City – Los Angeles 22SEP18
Panama City – Managua 22DEC18
Panama City – Miami 20SEP18
Panama City – New York JFK 05NOV18
Panama City – Orlando 03NOV18
Panama City – Punta Cana 29DEC18
Panama City – San Francisco 21SEP18
Panama City – San Jose (Costa Rica) 06OCT18
Panama City – San Pedro Sula 01DEC18
Panama City – Santa Cruz 10DEC18
Panama City – Santiago de Chile 06DEC18
Panama City – Tampa 20SEP18

– the accounting practices of Qatar Airways are not exactly transparent – I’m not sure what to make of the small loss they reported – I suspect the real number is much higher; how much is anybody’s guess

– Hawaiian Airlines is launching flights to Boston from Honolulu

Fares to Hawaii have been under pressure lately dropping to $247 Round Trip from the West Coast ($500 Round Trip used to be a ‘sale’). The East Coast is as far as Asia from Hawaii and certainly a long-haul flight – but Hawaiian now has a lie-flat Business Class and you pay the same amount of miles you pay for West Coast flights.

– just a few years ago the growth story was the Middle Eastern carriers ordering seemingly unlimited amount of planes – these days it is China that takes any plane they can get the throw it at Chinese outbound travelers

Asia’s largest airline has around 800 aircraft in its fleet—mostly narrowbodies that serve regional and domestic markets—which the carrier hopes to increase to 1,000 by 2020.

If this bubble bursts (not every bubble bursts!) flying could be even cheaper to wherever Chinese carriers go in 2023.

– average fares in Europe are extremely low as Easyjet and Ryanair keep expending eastwards while WizzAir expand westwards

Norwegian, Eurowings and Primera are changing long-haul flying prices in Europe (transatlantic fares roughly halved). Now there is talk of a new LCC in Switzerland – will it take off?

– Singapore Airlines has reduced redemption rates promo for several US destinations (from Singapore)

You can book it all online but just one-way (to the US).

There is plenty of competition for these routes and fares are generally high so this is a neat way from Singapore Airlines to fill seats without dropping fares.

Another word of warning the Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class seat is pretty miserable for sleeping.

Air Tahiti Nui flights can now be booked via Flying Blue in addition to American Airlines AAdvantage

The old Business Class is not worth booking before the 787’s arrive. The Economy cabin is pretty decent though and fuel surcharges are lower than with Air France’s service from Los Angeles so I’d book that.