European Travelers now pray their flights get delayed and cancelled, another airline ranking from Airhelp

Posted on June 8, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– if you are flying from the European Union you can just pray that your flight catches a massive delay – even connecting flights from the EU are eligible for the EU 261 compensation

Passengers whose onward connections outside Europe are delayed or cancelled can claim EU compensation, according to a landmark ruling.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that a German passenger delayed on a connecting flight in Morocco should qualify for a €400 (£350) payout.

In another blow to airlines, who feel the rules are unfairly slanted in favour of travellers, the ruling allows retrospective claims – in the case of England and Wales, for flights up to six years ago.

I can see the court’s perspective on making sure a ‘random; connection outside the EU should not be treated differently than long haul flights from the EU direct to their destination.

As much as I love consumer protection this has gone too far unless there is going to be an international standard for delay compensation (which would be great!).

Europe has some of the world’s cheapest flights and getting EUR 600 in delay compensation for a flight that only cost a few EURO is crazy. As a European traveler I’d book only the most delayed flights and ‘finance my vacation’ off the delay compensation.

AirHelp is ranking airlines based on a rather random score of on-time performance, service on-board and on the ground and claims processing (this is where the company has made their mark)

Surprisingly in the TOP 10 for the best airlines are South African Airways and Air Malta – not exactly hallmarks of efficiency or customer service.

At the end of the list are Air Mauritius and Korean Air – not my favorite airlines but the worst in the world, really?