New Upside users can earn $100 in gift cards with a $600 spend

Posted on April 27, 2018 by in Travel Deals

UPSIDE users

What’s the deal with Upside?

New users to Upside, the package deal site for business travelers, can earn $100 in gift cards when you spend $600 pre-tax on one booking through December 31st, 2025. You really will have more than 7 years to use the code once it’s been applied to your account!

Upside is the first online travel service that was built just for business travelers, with the intention of offering the lowest prices, the best flight times, and the most convenient hotels. You get to choose the airline, hotel, hire car, or even your favorite rideshare and if you buy two or more things as one package, you’ll pay even less.

How do I get the Upside deal?

Sign up here via our referral link and spend at least $600 pre-tax on your business travel to get $100 back in gift cards.

The $600 pre-tax minimum purchase includes flight and hotel bookings for business travel using this innovative package deal site. Not too long ago, we compared several Upside package deals with booking elsewhere, including Orbitz, Expedia and Virgin Atlantic, and in our tests, Upside came out cheaper.

What else do I need to know about the Upside deal?

Using Upside means your company benefits by saving money on package deals (usually 5% to 15%) and you get to earn gift cards at the same time.

You can’t use more than one promotional code in a transaction and you can’t combine offers to get this deal. Sign up for Upside today and start earning back on your business travel.