$237 RT to Bogota, two million people hacked their Spotify, new AMEX lounge Melbourne, CITI50 promotion is that awesome…

Posted on March 29, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– great deals from Los Angeles to Bogota at $237 RT with Aeromexico now

apparently two million (!) Spotify users found the restriction of not being able to skip songs on their mobile so annoying that they hacked it!

American Express has opened a lounge in Melbourne – it is not a ‘Centurion’ lounge but still may help if you go through the airport

– the ‘CITI50 promotion’ we talked about is really that good – there are no limitations to where and how often you can use the discount code. If your hotel is $25 you get it for free for two nights – if it is $50 you get 50% off! Amazing promo!