[EXPIRED] Wow – huge amount of credits for Groundlink with your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards

Groundlink has taken down the links and closed (some) accounts.

Business Credit Cards

I totally misread the Groundlink deal that has been going on for a few days. But I finally got behind it today 🙂

Groundlink is a rather expensive platform to book cars as a competition to Uber / Lyft etc. Rides are typically twice as much as an Uber X.

However this deal allows you to accumulate $20 for ANY Visa Signature cards or $30 for ANY Visa Infinite cards (ins the same account).

If you use an affiliate link (such as mine) you will get another $25 credit.

So do this:

Best Credit Cards

1) Create an account (first $25 credit) at Groundlink

2) Use this link for Visa Signature cards (i.e. most Chase cards)

3) Use this link for Visa Infinite Cards (i.e. Chase Sapphire Reserve or Crystal Infinite)

You should end up with plenty of credit – also consider authorized user cards (if they have their own card number).

Note that Business cards do not work.

I had trouble with my Chase BA Visa and apparently the Citi Hilton card as well.

Groundlink IS expensive but you should at least get a free ride or two from it. Use one of the added cards for you payment (if there is a remainder) as this is something the Terms and Conditions.