Mexico City Marriott Reforma Review

Posted on February 17, 2018 by in Hotel Reviews, Marriott Rewards Points

The Mexico City Marriott Reforma Hotel is located right in the poshest area of Mexico City at Paseo de la Reforma, across from the US embassy. The large office building has the Marriott lobby quite hidden and unless you are specifically looking for it, you may walk by and not ever be aware of it.

Check-in was friendly but in surprisingly broken English. ‘Don’t joke around at this check-in desk’ was my first thought! After some time of pushing paper (I wish I could be a check-in agent one day so I can figure out what people do for 15 minutes with a simple reservation made via the website), my keys were ready and I was good to go.

The room looked a bit uninspiring at first, with all the drawers and cabinets open. It also had an odd view over the adjacent buildings.

But over time, I learned to love the room. Without ever switching on the air conditioning, it was perfectly cold or warm, despite the warm afternoons and cold nights.

It was also superbly quiet and the Internet was never slower than 8 Mbit. The best part was the bed, which had high-quality linens and the perfect mix of soft and hard.

I felt the whole room was a perfect ‘bastion’ against noisy Mexico City.

The bathroom was rather old and the shower pressure wasn’t the best but hey!

Several good eateries and cafes are within walking distance in Roma and Condesa (a bit further out) – no need to use Uber if you do not want to.

All in all, I felt this Marriott delivered on its promise of an upscale hotel and it gets all the basics right. That’s uniquely Marriott! They would even prosper without a loyalty program.

You can book the Mexico City Marriott Reforma Hotel here.

4 / 5 stars