Emirates adding Santiago de Chile, Vistara doing well in India, new advertiser, do you use ad-blockers?

Posted on February 3, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Emirates is adding service to Santiago de Chile – a rich, underserved market

The 777 don’t have the range for a direct flight so it is routed via Sao Paulo (there are now two flights to Sao Paulo).

– Singapore Airlines’ India venture – Vistara – already has 20 planes flying from its Delhi hub and is adding international service later this year
– you may noticed – we a new advertiser – we are not allowed to mention or talk about them though – funny world we live in…

– I have been using ad blocker extensions for my browsers but finally removed them all today

Ad Blockers speed up your browsing but they also make it impossible to get cashback/ miles from online shopping malls. Some websites don’t work at all and let’s face it online publishing needs to make some money. Maybe I just need a new laptop…