$6,000 off $6,000+ in flight bookings with upside.com, Flexperks 25,000+ bonus card, Chase Hyatt $30 off $300

Posted on February 1, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– despite the low the margins for flight booking upside.com is handing out referral bonuses like candy

I got this email today:

Refer 10 colleagues to try Upside and get $5,000! That’s on top of the $100 you get for each referral. Terms & conditions below.*

Think about it, with $5,000 you could: Buy 10 new chrome books for the team, get coffee for the year or take the entire team out for a concert!

Invite colleagues who travel for work
You both earn $100 in gift cards when they buy their first biz trip
Keep referring and get unlimited bonuses!

*Your referrals must book between 1/31/2018 and 2/14/2018 and must use your referral code at checkout. Code is applicable for the purchase of Upside™ Trips only, and purchases are subject to the Upside™ Terms & Conditions presented at the time of sale. Minimum purchase of $600 is required. Referrals who cancel their trip or have purchased with Upside before will not qualify for the promotion. Special referral bonuses will be paid out upon completion of travel. Limited to one $5000 bonus per company. Gift card issuers’ terms and conditions apply. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

For $6,000 in new business for flight bookings the company gives you $6,000 in cash. That is beyond generous! You likely need to be targeted for this promo – but it does not hurt to ask!

If you haven’t tried Upside – get an account (our referral link) – the fares are largely the same as anywhere else. Currently the site supports domestic and flights from the US only.

– U.S. Bank is back with their Flexperks Winter Olympics promotion ON TOP of the 25,000 points the card usually offers (HT DoC)

You can apply in branch only for now. As outlined you may instead wait to keep a clean sheet with U.S. Bank and try to get the Altitude card (I got declined for it when I tried)

– do the Hyatt Chase card bonuses seem completely random to you as well? After a Whole Foods bonus last year (really not a lot of relation to Hyatt hotels) the card now offers $30 off $300 at grocery stores or drug stores