Turkey issues another travel warning for the US, Delta getting better at selling ancillaries

Posted on January 12, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Travel warnings are supposed to be a traveler help but Turkey is now using it for purely political reasons adding the US

I wonder if they will prohibit their citizens to travel to ‘dangerous countries’ like the USA soon…

– Delta has been surprisingly successful (like United) in selling customers upgrades against cash

Up-selling customers who once might have sat up front for free is becoming big business for the airline. Speaking on Delta’s fourth quarter earnings call, Hauenstein said the carrier made it easier for travelers to buy upgrades after purchase in mid-2017, and earned an extra nearly $100 million in the first six months it offered the program.

I think un-bundling of fares (including Premium Cabin fares) is a wonderful idea. It gives price conscious travelers better deals and travelers who travel with other peoples money (OPM) a guaranteed, custom and exclusive experience. Airlines are all about expectation management after all.