Etihad restructuring cargo operations, finally there is a cheap e-Visa for Americans visiting Brazil

Posted on January 25, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Etihad is coming to grips with reality after burning through billions of dollars teh new CEO is taking some baby steps to restructure

Etihad confirmed to Reuters it has grounded its Airbus freighter fleet, five A330 Freighters, and that it had opted to operate an all-Boeing 777 Freighter fleet. It declined to comment on whether it had offered pilots unpaid leave.

“This freighter is the right aircraft for our long-term requirements,” Peter Baumgartner, the chief executive of Etihad’s airline operations, said in an email to Reuters.

Etihad needs to be bolder and innovate harder to turn their business around. Qatar is more nimble and much ahead in cabin configuration and catering. Emirates has better scale and brand – Etihad had momentum some years ago but needs to get this back – ideally when the new airport opens that will make the transfer experience more pleasant (now planned for late 2019).

– Finally! – American passport holders can get a $40 e-Visa for Brazil

I have been using my German passport for my trips in Brazil for the last few years but it is always a bit of a confusing experience – I’d rather get the eVisa now.

This move will surely help to bring up visitor numbers from the US. Brazil has more issues than the complicated and expensive visas though. The high cost of travel, the huge crime issue and the minimal English skills of the locals don’t make it an easy country to explore in depth.