Avis / Eurobonus 10,000 miles per car rental, Norwegian to replace all 787 engines

Posted on January 11, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Avis and SAS Eurobonus offer a 10,000 miles per rental deal now (book by Jan 15th)

I found it hard to take advantage of the good offer in 2017 (it was 5,000 even for one day rentals) as rental prices are different on the promotion website than otherwise.

It’s a very worthwhile offer though! (HT Flyertalk)

2. Only valid for reservations taking place between 2nd January 2018 – 15th January 2018 and rentals taking place before 31st December, 2018

3. SAS EuroBonus Extra points promotion are valid for rentals in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, USA and Canada.

4. 10,000 Extra points awarded for any rentals of 3 days or longer and minimum of Car Group C

5. The promotion is only valid for separate rentals and not rentals with consecutive rental days

6. May not be used in conjunction with any other coupon or promotions

7. Standard Avis and SAS EuroBonus Terms and Conditions apply

8. See www.avisworld.com/EuroBonus for full terms and conditions

– Norwegian is in a though spot to replace all engines for their 787 fleet (for almost one billion dollar)

This will disrupt their expansion plans or even their flight plans. Let’s hope for the best!