Airbus succeeds at blackmail, Etihad $75 lounge access, American Express Hilton cards now available, United’s new timeliness and Premium Economy launching soon

Posted on January 18, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Airbus shows that blackmailing your customers still works in the airline industry – Emirates has signed an agreement to buy 36 more A380 keeping plane production alive for now

– Etihad has expanded their pay-per-use lounge program to New York – it’s just $75 per person – this can make sense if you need a productive day at the lounge

American Express is rolling out the new Hilton card family and application links are live now for Personal Cards and Business cards

The big question is – will we get a sign-up bonus even if we got the old cards? We shall see once people report back with their experiences.

– I just flew United today and the company seems serious about being on-time finally – what a change!

The company also plans to help people keep up-to-date with why their planes are late (if they are).

– United is adding Premium Economy to some of their aircraft soon – I’m not a believer in Premium Economy but seemingly American and Delta are making (some) money from it