Radisson Blu Kochi Review

Posted on December 23, 2017 by in Hotel Reviews, Travel Deals

The Radisson Blu Kochi is a new building along one of the busy roads leading into downtown Kochi in the neighborhood of Ernakulam. I was expecting a ‘grand’ Radisson Blu, given the luxury aspirations of the brand and the typical attentiveness and grand luxury of Indian hotels. However, the building is VERY understated and more like a blink-and-you-miss-it office building along the road.

Check-in was very friendly and quick. Like with Le Méridien Kochi, no credit card was required (though this was a paid reservation) and I quickly got my room at the back of the hotel. The room was well-designed, with lots of blue and white but it wasn’t the quality I was expecting. It was absolutely functional and the Internet was very fast but I felt more like I was in a no-brand four star than in a Radisson Blu. Maybe that was just my expectation management.

The furniture and bedding all looked like they had taken a beating, with many paint chips and ripped bed sheets and linen. Again, it all worked but there was NO luxury at play here. The room would around 25m² and the bathroom was rather small too, with minimal shower pressure.

The AC was too powerful for the small room size and I was kept busy reducing the draft and cold air most of the time.

I liked the pool on the roof, which never saw anyone else but me. It’s small but the water is clear and the sunbeds are in good shape. The WiFi would not work at the pool level for some reason though.

There was breakfast on the 2nd floor, with a decent spread. However, most of the items were of low quality, including the espresso drink I ordered. There were five waiters constantly around me, pulling my plate away after my last bite and making less than helpful suggestions. After some time, it started to get really intimidating being watched and having everything taken out of my hand.

The gym was decently equipped but could use some more and newer weight lifting machines. There is also a spa at the hotel, with most treatments starting at $50 (I did not go, though).

In sum, this hotel was almost the opposite of my stay at the Renaissance Bangkok a few days ago. The Radisson Blu Kochi delivered a room where everything worked (though most of it was shabby), with fast Internet and plenty of pool time, but there was NO luxury. This Radisson Blu just felt ‘cheap’ but at the $120-$150 room rate in a city that has a lot of alternatives, I find that not good enough.

You can book the Radisson Blu Kochi here.

2 / 5 stars