new Four Seasons Tunis, Conrad Fort Lauderdale and Conrad Cartagena open and how Priority pass really works…

Posted on December 12, 2017 by in Hilton Honors, Travel Deals

– Right in time for the busy Christmas season the Four Seasons Tunis opens and the rates are very affordable

Conrad Hotels is expanding into Fort Lauderdale Beach with a ‘lovely’ piece of Florida architecture

Cartagena is a great getaway town (especially if you live close to it) and now the city boats a Conrad Cartagena, open for business with rates starting at $219 over the holiday season

– if you are like me you always skip those executive interviews since they never reveal anything interesting but this interview with Nancy Knipp, senior vice president at Airport Lounge Development spills the beans on Priority Pass and independent lounge payments

Skift: How much is an airline paying per head?

Knipp: We prefer not to answer because each of those contracts are confidential. But you can buy access for $40 if you’re just a customer off the street, so clearly it’s going be much below that. We’re not going to charge the carrier the same price we would for a single customer. That gives you an idea of where it would be. It is a very reasonable cost for what the carrier is looking for.