Indigo has 1,000 daily flights now!, Lufthansa’s new Brussels Airline strategy, $9.99 one-way rentals for most US airports, Singapore back in the black

Posted on November 7, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– my favorite Indian LCC – Indigo – is having a huge milestone this week – 1,000 flights operated in a day!

– Lufthansa is secretly giving Brussels Airlines a makeover and is now using the planes for their new Dusseldorf Eurowings branded Low Cost service (replacing many Air Berlin routes)

Avis is running a $9.99 one-way rental car promotion that includes almost all airports in the US and a free tank of gas an 150 miles

The catch you only get the car for 12 hours though and the airport fees often make it prohibitive.

Keep the car for up to 12 hours; get a free tank of gas and 150 free miles.

With rates starting at $9.99 you can stop waiting for a taxi and skip the airport parking by using our one-way rentals.

• Thursday to Friday — pick up at the airport, drop downtown

• Sunday to Monday —pick up downtown, drop at the airport

Depending on your usage of Uber and rental cars this could still be a decent deal and Avis always credits miles when renting at an airport location.

Singapore Airlines is back in the black and is looking forward much more confident