Etihad cancels Dallas, Singapore Airlines new A380 cabin layout and seats, Citi Hilton cards will become American Express cards in 2018

Posted on November 2, 2017 by in Airline Reviews, Travel Industry Flight Status

– Etihad is suspending (i.e. cancelling) their Dallas flights

Qatar Airways and Etihad are hurting from the cancelled codeshare agreement with American. The North-East US destinations and Los Angeles are safe but other QR/EY services to the US may get cancelled soon.

Etihad needs to get its game together – after the disastrous equity investments, the still delayed new airport and an aging fleet and cabin interiors they need to innovate harder or become a failed investment themselves soon.

– meanwhile Singapore Airlines is showing off their new A380 cabin designs

There s no fixed schedule when the upgrades will be done but it’s good to hear the company stays committed to the aircraft.

The First Class cabin now comes with a seat and bed – something Lufthansa tried but quickly abandoned. Singapore also stuck to the double bed for some of their suites and reduces the total of 12 suites to six. They also moved into the upper deck – which is where they belong since it’s more private and quieter.

Business Class has gotten a rather horrible color code and I fear the seats look amazingly similar to the horrific seats on the Singapore Airlines Business Class A350 which I flew earlier this year (Review). I felt this was one of the worst Business Class seats out there – especially for a seat installed in 2017.

Lets see these seats in action and make up our minds.

– I always thought I had a contract with Citi for my Hilton Honors cards – but turns out that Hilton has decided to shift their allegiance to American Express andI get a big email with American Express logs from Hilton regarding the change

All Citi Hilton cards will be transferred to American Express in January 2018. A pleasure that was worth $160 million to American Express.

If you have the no-fee Citi Hilton Honors Card, it will be replaced with the Hilton Honors American Express Card and if you have the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card, it will be replaced with the Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card. Your new Card will arrive in the mail in mid-January and will be available to use starting on January 30, 2018.** Your relationship with Hilton Honors remains unchanged and you will continue to earn Hilton Honors Points on your Citi Hilton Honors Card until that time.