Photo Review – San Francisco Fleet Week 2017

Posted on October 9, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

(Almost) every year in October something strange happens. Whereas anything patriotic, such as showing a US flag on your doorstep, will get you a Antifa mob commando operation usually – the city embraces the US Navy and Air Force in a three week air and marine show.

Why and how this happens is a mystery to me but it is a welcome changes from the ‘hard left environment’ the city is usually engulfed in.

The three day event runs on the second weekend of October Friday, Saturday, Sunday sees the same show. The bets places to see are around the ‘Marina Green’, ‘Aquatic Club’ or on a roof top in the Marina neighborhood.

I chose the ‘Aquatic Club’ this time and enjoyed a couple of hours with beautiful warm weather and a well narrated air show.

United States Navy, Blue Angels (F-18)

United Airlines Boeing 747

Patriots Jet Team

Canadian Snowbirds Air Show

US Coast Guard Rescue Demonstration

Navy Leap Frogs (Navy Seals Jump Demonstration)