The hunt for the Hilton corporate benefit rate

Posted on September 25, 2017 by in Corporate Codes, Hilton Honors

Hilton corporate benefit rate

What is the Hilton corporate benefit rate?

Until recent times, Hilton Hotels & Resorts offered discounted stays with the ‘Corporate Benefit Partner Rate’. Using the promotional code PR13CB when booking would get you up to 43% off your stay at a participating property outside of North America. However, unfortunately, this code doesn’t seem to work anymore. We tried booking dummy stays at various Hilton properties around the world, outside of the US, but this always resulted in the following error:

Hilton corporate benefit rate

Searching for stays at various Hilton brands using this code, the error showed no matter the property or the dates chosen. We also tried the Hilton corporate benefit rate code for various US stays, but got the same error…

So if you’re a corporate traveler, how can you get a discount for your Hilton stay?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts corporate rates…

Corporate travelers can frequently benefit from cheaper stays at Hilton properties by booking stays in advance online using a particular code. If your organization has a preferred corporate account with Hilton, you can easily add the code to your online reservation by selecting the Advanced Search on the homepage, choosing to ‘Add a Special Rate Code’ and then adding the number to the ‘Corporate Account’ box:

Hilton corporate benefit rate

You can check the rate rules and compare the room cost with the Best Flexible Rate for both Hilton HHonors members and non-members.

How much can I save using a Hilton Hotels & Resorts corporate rate?

We wanted to see how much you could save by using various corporate codes. For our tests, we chose one night at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver on October 24th, 2017. It comes out at $169 plus tax for the Flexible Rate or $157 plus tax for the Hilton HHonors member rate:

Hilton corporate benefit rate

Using these corporate codes gave us a cheaper stay than the member rate:

The corporate rate was not available for our test booking with these codes:

None of the corporate rates we tried came up at more expensive than the Hilton HHonors member rate. The biggest saving we found in this instance was 27% off the Hilton member rate – $43 – but other corporate codes may even save you much more. If your company’s code isn’t listed here, try asking HR.

What else do I need to know about Hilton corporate rates?

These rates are generally stated as strictly only for corporate use by employees, who may well need relevant ID when checking in. ID isn’t always asked for but you may end up having to pay the rack rate if you can’t prove you’re entitled to a corporate rate.

It’s always useful to compare the corporate rate you’re using with other rates on the Hilton website, so you can see exactly how much of a discount you’re getting.

Don’t assume that a corporate code is defunct if it doesn’t work for your booking, as with this hotel brand it depends on several factors, including the property, dates and availability, so if your travel plans are flexible, try another search with your company’s corporate code.