Emirates to add basic Economy fares?, are engine fires a common occurrence?, widespread Hyatt Gift Card Fraud

– Emirates is considering a budget Economy fare – they should!

Airline Credit Cards

Consumers are complaining about small seat pitches and extra charges but if you tell them upfront it will cost extra AND provide super low fares they will love it.

– Etihad and Ukraine International Airlines are dropping their loyalty partnership

Airline Credit Cards

– are engine fires more common than we all think – just yesterday a Delta plane made an emergency landing in Las Vegas and a British Airways returned to Heathrow

– I never bought a single one – but this story of Hyatt Gift Card fraud seems enough for me to stay way

Most recent round was the worst, bought 8 GC on CashCard.com August 23rd. Attempted to use them on September 6th for a large bill.

3 worked, 5 did not. Worst ratio ever!