China Airlines Business Class Review Tokyo (NRT) to Taipei (TPE) on a 747

Posted on September 8, 2017 by in Airline Reviews

China Airlines has a few 747 left in service which they are using for the short haul 3 hour flights from Tokyo to Taipei. It seems rather odd since this is a flight a A320 could do well – but I’ll take it.

I used the Delta SkyClub in Terminal 1 (though China Airlines departed from Terminal 2 confusingly) before the flight. The SkyClub is massive – even bigger than the equally massive United Club in Tokyo. It seemed modern and I used the well equipped shower cabins. There was a simple breakfast spread – nothing looked too delicious but lounges in Japan and in the region tend to be not too exciting.


After a lengthy bus transfer I arrived at the China Airlines lounge which is much smaller and besides the yellow colors and some setting I wasn’t sure what I would do at the lounge. Instead I walked to the gate early and slept for a few hours – oh the relaxation!

Boarding was late but of course very fast. While likely 200 people were at the gate the huge 747 swallowed them all in minutes. Business and First Class cabin would both be treated as Business Class.  The First Class cabin reminded me of the Asiana First Class on their 747 (REVIEW).

Initially the flight attendants would not let me switch to a First Class seat since there was a ‘massive leak’ when they landed. Now really a massive leak in this rain would flood the cabin and likely not be safe to fly with?

But after take off I was allowed to switch into a dry seat (there were no wet seats anyways).

Once we had left the stormy skies over Tokyo we made it down the chain of islands into very clear weather. I really wanted my Japanese meal this time and was lucky enough to receive one (a few weeks earlier I had no such luck). It wasn’t a feast but very well edible with some good items.

The flight attendants were very attentive. Water, sake, port, champagne all would be served (I just wanted to try and not drink it all). The old First Class seat is a great way to spend a few hours as it reclines into a somewhat flat bed.

China Airlines Business Class Seating Tokyo (NRT) to Taipei (TPE) on a 747