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Posted on August 3, 2017 by in Cheap flights, Hotel deals with Points, Mighty Travels Premium

How to subscribe to Mighty Travels

You may not know already that Mighty Travels has lots of different subscription options. From Facebook to Twitter, and from RSS to our Premium service, here’s all the ways that you can get your daily fix of travel deals, news and reviews:

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Once we’ve published a new post on Mighty Travels, whether it’s an excellent travel credit card deal or review of a far-flung place, we notify you on Facebook. You can like and follow our Facebook account here.

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We also let you know on our main Twitter page when we’ve posted on Mighty Travels, too. You can follow or Tweet us here.

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You can use an RSS app like Feedly to keep track of our posts. This beginner’s guide shows you how to set up a Feedly account and then easily search for and add content (for example, you can find us by simply pasting ‘mightytravels’ into the search bar).

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The San Francisco startup IFTTT ( ‘IF THIS THEN THAT’) is a free platform that helps you to do more with your apps and devices. One of those things you can enable it to do is notify you when we publish a new entry at Mighty Travels. Pretty neat, huh? We wrote a handy guide to using IFTTT to subscribe to Mighty Travels here.

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Mighty Travels Fare Alerts 

You can subscribe to our free daily email fare alerts if you’d like to get alerts for a particular airport. You can sign up for multiple airports if needed but you can only use one email account per airport.
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Mighty Travels Premium
A Mighty Travels Premium subscription costs just $7.99 per month and gets you access to tons of cheap flights all over the world with our Deals Dashboard and in our daily spreadsheets, and you receive texts for deals we don’t think you should miss.
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Read about several ways you can benefit from subscribing to the Premium service here, including our amazing money-back guarantee!
Why you should subscribe to Mighty Travels

However you prefer to keep track of Mighty Travels, subscribe to one of our many options today to ensure that you don’t miss out.