Book your Pointbreaks hotel now, Qatar dealing with Golden Ticket aftermath, Taiwan hit by two storms in one weekend (and I was in the middle of it), new Bank of America rewards card, Lyft and Uber planning credit card launch, Malaysia Airlines to go lie-flat on regional Business Class

Posted on July 31, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– the new PointBreaks list is now ready for booking – somehow the IHG IT is having trouble displaying the full list – but the properties I recommended last week all show the correct 5,000 points now

– Qatar Airways has left all confirmed bookings untouched from yesterdays ‘Golden Ticket’ sale but cancelled any reservations on hold – is that a breach of contract?

– Taiwan was hit but not just one but two major tropical storms this weekend – I still made it out on EVA Air (Review coming soon) in between these two

– Bank of America will come out with a new rewards card that gets you 50,000 that allows up to $500 free flights to be booked

Lyft and Uber are planning to launch rewards cards – now will they launch a rewards program too?

– Malaysia Airlines is getting lie-flat seats from Thompson Aero Seating for their new Boeing 737 MAX – I can’t wait to try it!