Bangkok airport to get even bigger, Qantas pilots are the best – aren’t they?, Flexperks to be redeemable at 1.5 cents, How emotionally intelligent people vacation (yes really!)

Posted on July 6, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Bangkok’s mega airport is about to get even bigger when the new 6 billion dollar construction is finished

this story of a Qantas 747 flight from San Francisco to Australia reminds me of my Etihad 777 flight from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco (Review) when the forward cabin next to the wing had abnormal noise and vibration for a portion of the flight

Australian investigators have noted the resourcefulness of a QantasBoeing 747-400 crew in attempting to isolate the problem that was causing abnormal vibrations during a flight last year, and determining the aircraft could continue to its destination safely.

The crew noticed unidentifiable vibrations in the area around the left over-wing door on the 14-hr. flight from San Francisco to Sydney in October 2016.

“In consultation with both maintenance and operational control and cabin crew, the crew systematically isolated systems capable of generating the vibration,” the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) says in a newly released final report on the incident. “While they were unable to identify the source of the vibration, the flight crew established that it was constant, and that the aircraft was otherwise performing normally. In the absence of any abnormal flight-deck indications or relevant checklist, the decision to continue the flight was therefore at the discretion of the flight crew based on their professional judgement.”

US Bank is aligning the redemption rates fro Flexperks and the Altitude Rewards and makes them worth 1.5 cents each and simplifies the redemption system dramatically

– a cheesy title but good article – ‘This Is How Emotionally Intelligent People Vacation’